Napoleon Oasis Modular Island 200

Napoleon Oasis Modular Island 200

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Re-styled for 2017!

If you like Piña Coladas, getting caught in the rain, and maybe a little of everything else in between, then you'll definitely be into an outdoor kitchen. You're in luck, because the best place to start for an outdoor kitchen is with Napoleon. 

The allow you to bring your dream of an outdoor kitchen to life. Each modular unit sits on four adjustable leveling legs, meaning they will still work even if placed on uneven patio surfaces. Each unit can be easily pieced together to offer a seamless installation. 

For 2017, Napoleon have refaced the Oasis series. The cabinets now come in with a sleek, carbon coloured, exterior. All units are built from a powder-coated, galvanized steel to provide a long-lasting construction through every season. 

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  • Powder-coated, galvanized steel cabinets with a absolutely slick-looking, carbon coloured exterior - each unit holds premium stainless steel shelves and drawers
  • Change the grill head to the one you prefer the most - grill heads can include the , the , the , and more (ask and we will answer!)
  • Pre-built design of each modular unit makes it a breeze for installation
  • Leveling feet are outfitted to each unit, allowing them stand on even the most uneven of patio surfaces
  • Customize it even further - Napoleon Oasis modular units can be endlessly expanded
  • Easy electrical and gas piping installations with knock-out pieces in the back of each modular unit
  • Oasis packages do not include the top (as seen in some pictures) - instead, you get to choose your own counter-top!

Components Shown

  • One modular unit includes the which also features a paper towel holder
  •  gives you two large storage drawers to keep all your grilling tools safe from the elements (the size of the under grill cabinet depends on the specific grill head)
  • Final modular unit is used as a (or as a if propane is not your route)