Cot Fjord Grey
Cot Fjord Grey

Cot Fjord Grey

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Fjord is a robust looking cot in grey wash finish with a wood texture. The large metal handles give a fitting finishing touch. This sturdy cot has a gender neutral design which makes it a suitable for both boys and girls by 'Kidsmill’.

This cot will be delivered including a bed base and it comes with a storage drawer, ideal to store some of the things your little one needs like bedclothes, toys. 

Made in Europe, the cot meets or exceeds  all European safety standards.

The 'Fjord' cot is available in two sizes; cot or '2 in 1' cot bed. 

The cot has a standard European mattress size of 60x120 cm. This size cot (60x120 cm) comes with 2 fixed high sides and is not convertible like the larger cot bed (70x140 cm).

The '2 in 1' cot bed has a standard European mattress size of 70x140 cm

Also, this '2 in 1' cot bed includes 2 junior sides. By taking these sides of this cot is really easily converted into a (toddler)bed. The 'juniorside' will be delivered free of charge, with this cot (bed). 

For toddler bed use, the minimum age should be no less than 15 months. 

The slatted base of the cot and the cot bed can be adjusted in 3 different heights.

Outside dimensions cot: 69 (W) x 125 (D) x 85 (H) cm.

Outside dimensions cot bed: 79 (W) x 145 (D) x  85 (H) cm.

This cot is made out of Melamine with wood texture and it complies with the European safety standards. It has a lead-free non-toxic finish. Completely safe for your baby and problem free to (dis)assemble multiple times without losing it's firmness.

The mentioned prices include slatted bed base but do not include mattress. Mattresses and matching bedding for cot and cot bed are available at DEER INDUSTRIES.

All dimensions are approximate.