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Lynn chest of drawers is a modern chest with a Scandinavian look, characterised by the use of white/natural wood and round carvings which are used as 'handles'. 

This gender neutral chest has 3 large storage drawers. Can be used as dresser in a nursery but just as well as a cabinet in any other room of the house.

Outside dimensions: 100 (W) x 55 (D) x 92 (H) cm.

Lynn dresser can be combined with a barrier to change it into a dressing table. If you use the barrier it is easier to change your baby and it will also hold the changing pad in place by the upstanding borders.

The barrier will be attached to the dresser, but can be removed if you do not need it anymore. Please note that you cannot place the dresser against the wall if you use the barrier as it sticks out in the front and at the back. You probably have to place the dresser 10-15 cm of the wall. 

Lynn chest is made in Europe of MDF with a solid beech wood base. 

Dutch design by 'Bopita'. The chest meets all European safety and quality standards.

All dimensions are approximate.