Beta Tools - RC55 B/6 Workbench

Beta Tools - RC55 B/6 Workbench

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C55 B/6 Workbench

With worktop (2050x700 mm) covered with a removable ABS coat

Comprised of:

fixed module with 2 drawers (588x367mm) with ball bearing slides
• Aluminium opening system throughout length of drawer
• Drawer bases protected by foamed rubber mats
• Front centralized lock

fixed service module with
• Built-in waste bin
• Perforated paper roll compartment
• Storage drawer, 305x270 mm

Vertically adjustable feet

Included with Cabinet Combination

  • Fixed module with 2 storage drawers (C55 M2)
  • Fixed service module(C55 MS)



  • Modular garage fitting your spaces and requirements.
  • A sensibly organized workstation, synonymous with optimized work.
  • Beta's best Italian-made quality to furnish your garage.

  • Refined, captivating finishes for a tidy, attractive workstation.