These Adult Loft Beds Are Elegant and Amazing Space-Savers

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Do you want to turn your beds into bunk beds so there is more room for activities? Well, it isn’t only a dream in the world of Step Brothers. It’s finally time to save space in your bedroom and transform your bed into a high-rise adult loft bed to make room for your desk, workout equipment, dresser, and more — because bunk beds don’t have to be for kids.

While some might find adult loft beds a bit juvenile, any adult living in a large city will know that bedroom space and storage are a luxury. Full-fledged adults living in cities like New York, Tokyo, London, Chicago, and many more are choosing to heighten their sleep by lofting their beds to make space for the rest of their furniture. Considering that city apartments typically have higher ceilings, to begin with, adult loft beds don’t make you feel like you’re being crammed up against your ceiling either. Adult loft beds also come in various sizes to ensure you won’t have to buy a new mattress.

Worried about your weight? You might have heard that most bunk beds can only handle a certain amount of weight. While this is true, adult loft beds are made to hold much more than your average kids’ bunk bed. You’ll feel safe climbing up and lying down.

If you’re interested in lofting your bed to save space in your bedroom, note that it’s the right choice if you’re even thinking about it. You can’t part ways with your furniture, and you do not have enough space with your bed taking up as much room as it does, so it’s finally time to make the purchase.

Read on, check out the best adult loft beds in 2023 and figure out which is best for your needs.

Walker Edison Furniture Modern Loft Bed


Walker Edison Furniture Modern Loft Bed

Accommodate your space in any way you need with the Walker Edison Furniture modern loft bed. This durable full loft is 71 inches high and can easily fit a full-sized mattress. There isn’t a box spring needed to get this baby up and running, saving you tons of time and money. The loft bed is quite minimalistic and doesn’t offer any method of storage, but it has more than enough room to fit a dresser and desk or an entire bedroom leisure setup without a problem. There are ladders at the head and foot of the bed so you can easily get up, and the bed can support a full 250 with ease. Is your space a little too small for a full? No worries, this baby comes in a few different sizes, including a couple of twin options.

Ikea Stora Loft Bed



It shouldn’t be surprising that IKEA has an excellent loft bed option for small spaces. Like our prior pick, this full loft bed takes quite a minimalist approach and creates tons of room for whatever your heart desires underneath. It’s made of solid wood, so it’s durable and keeps you feeling safe up top. Depending on your liking, the ladder can be mounted onto the bed on either the right or left side. The best part is that because it is from Ikea, you can have somebody come and set it up for you for a little bit of an extra cost. If you’ve ever tried setting up anything from Ikea in the past, you’ll know damn well how handy that can be.

Harriet Bee Loft Bed With Built-In-Desk


Harriet Bee Loft Bed With Built-In-Desk

Take the modern loft bed up a notch by adding this attached dresser to the mix. This stylish gray loft bed will brighten up your room and leave your space looking put together even when it isn’t. Ideal for anyone who typically only uses a closet and runs out of storage space or for people living in small spaces who don’t have room for a separate dresser. On top of the dresser are two shelves for decoration or more storage.

Arctic Scorpion Full Size Loft Bed


Arctic Scorpion Full Size Loft Bed

A shelving unit and loft bed in one, this piece of furniture isn’t just full-sized for adults and teens — it also comes with generous shelving options on one side and a built-in desk. If you’re searching for an attractive workstation and still want a full-sized loft bed for adults, this multifunctional creation is the way to go. Perfect for curating a mini library or holding all your paperwork, it also makes an ideal guest bed.

Matrix Queen High Loft Bed with Ladder


Matrix Queen High Loft Bed with Ladder

Think loft beds are impossible to find in bigger sizes? This queen-size loft bed for adults by Matrix has an entire line of queen loft beds. Whether you’re looking for a tall bed, a low bed, or integrated furniture, endless wooden options are available from this trusty site, which also features some stellar reviews.  This is one of the best loft beds to splurge on as a long-term investment that’ll last years and comes in many configurations.

Perch Loft Bed


Oeuf Perch Loft Bed

Despite all the functional options on sites like Amazon and Wayfair, this Perch loft bed by Oeuf is the most impressive loft beds for adults on the internet right now. If you can sacrifice having a queen-size mattress (it only accommodates a full) then your bedroom will benefit from this clean-lined design made from baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF. It can hold up to 250 pounds, and the brand also sells a matching Trundle which can turn any of their full-size loft beds for adults into a bunk bed for grown-ups or kids. 

Max & Lily High Loft Bed


Max & Lily High Loft Bed

Although this bed by Max & Lily is only a twin, it more than makes up for the lack of size with its features and 400-lb weight capacity. If you want to pick and choose those bells and whistles, you can customize to your heart’s desire. Choose between various combinations of a bookcase, desk, or wraparound desk. Available in white, clay, and gray. There’s even an option to get it assembled by experts for an extra cost if the idea of putting furniture together sounds like a nightmare. 

Sarah Sherman Samuel Arches Bunk Bed


Sarah Sherman Samuel Arches Bunk Bed

This bunk bed adds an artistic touch to any room with its unique silhouettes and texture. This bunk bed makes for a unique guest room or dorm room addition, featuring a statement-making arch on one side and a built-in ladder leading to the top bunk. It’s also a great choice if you rent your home and can list it as an extra bed on Airbnb. Due to the tall nature of this bed, it’s best for ceilings that are a minimum of eight feet tall. 

SOFTSEA Wood Bunk Bed Full Over Full with Trundle and Drawers


SOFTSEA Wood Bunk Bed Full Over Full

The concept of sleeping in a bunk bed as an adult sounds fun, but in reality, who wants to sleep in a twin-sized bed and climb up a tiny ladder? Instead, opt for this more spacious wooden choice from Softsea, which has a full-sized bed on both the top and the bottom and features steps going up. Additionally, a built-in dresser on the side adds four drawers for storage purposes. There’s also a third trundle bed on the bottom of this bed, which is packed with bells & whistles.

Tilden Full Loft Bed w Desk


Tilden Full Loft Bed

Wooden beds have a handsome, timeless aesthetic that fits in with any style and features midcentury-inspired rounded panels and legs. The lofted design allows you to make the most of it, and the built-in desk even features additional baskets for office supplies, books, or anything else. The integrated ladder can be placed on either side and if you’re looking for an alternative to white, this is one of the best loft beds you can find in 2023. 

SHA CERLIN Metal Twin Loft Beds Frame


Sha Cerlin Metal Loft Beds

One of the most popular loft beds for adults on Amazon, this metal twin loft bed has an industrial look that’s broken up with some weathered wooden panels on the guard rail. Although it’s only a twin size, it’s still one of the best loft beds for adults and kids alike. Plus, even at a smaller size, for just over $200, this elevated bed frame is a serious bargain.

West Elm Mid-Century Full Loft Bed w Desk


West Elm Mid-Century Loft Bed

Maybe you don’t need all of the storage space in the world. If you’re looking to add a little extra space under your bed but want to include a desk, check out this mid-century loft from West Elm. This baby is as timeless as it gets and is made with sustainably sourced wood that’s kiln-dried to keep this guy sturdy and safe. It easily fits a full-sized bed and doesn’t need a box spring. This handsome option keeps your room looking stylish, cozy, and modern.


Teen Novogratz Hunter Full Size Metal Loft Bed

This bed by Teen Novogratz is perfect for adults and teens living at home or in a door room. With a durable metal build and a white finish, this full-sized loft bed has two integrated ladders and a desk on one side. Superb for smaller spaces, it can support up to 300 lbs. The perfect study buddy and space-saving furniture piece, this loft bed for teens need a laptop, a comfy chair, and some books to look complete. 

Scanica Stairway Full Loft Bed


Scanica Stairway Full Loft Bed

Most loft beds come with ladders. While that’s fine for kids, some of us adults using loft beds would rather do just about anything else before climbing a ladder. Behold: an adult loft bed with stairs. Yes, stairs. Climb up safely with this loft bed; you can’t have any accidents on it because you won’t ever slip off a ladder again! Here’s where it gets crazy — each step is a drawer made for storage, so you can choose to store just about anything you want inside. How’s that for a two-for-one?

West Elm Milo Loft Bed with desk


Milo Full Loft Bed With Desk

A more elegant alternative to the metal look, the Milo Full Loft Bed in white is one of the best loft beds from West Elm. Its clean, airy aesthetic automatically elevates any bedroom to sanctuary status. With built-in cubbies, a desk, and multiple drawers, it’s an all-in-one storage solution with thoughtful built-ins that saves space while creating a cozy haven up top. It is a must-have for small apartment dwellers and students and accommodates a full-sized mattress.

Manor Park Full-Size Premium Metal Loft Bed


Manor Park Full-Size Premium Metal Loft Bed

This Manor Park set-up can hold a full-sized mattress and features guard rails with a basic metal loft bed in black. At just under $230, it has all the necessary features and room beneath for a dresser, chair, or desk. Although the bed does feature two ladders on each side, the rungs are thin and spaced relatively far apart. Still, with its 250-pound capacity, it’s one of the best loft beds for anyone on a budget.

Camaflexi Full-Sized Concord Junior Loft Bed


Camaflexi Full-Sized Concord Junior Loft Bed

The idea of a loft bed close to a ceiling isn’t appealing to some people. Whether you’re tall or don’t need space for a desk beneath, this mid-height loft bed offers a slightly lower solution with a more manageable ladder. It’s made from solid pine wood, and its ladder can be placed on either side, adding to this piece’s versatility. A major crowd-pleaser, this is available in twin and full-sized options and five different colors.

Full Analise Metal Loft Bed with Wood Desk


Full Analise Metal Loft Bed with Wood Desk

Available in black, white, and silver, the Analise Metal Loft Bed features space for a full-sized mattress and comes with a wood desk and keyboard tray. One of the best loft beds for students or new grads, this ergonomic setup has a complete workstation that makes for a comfortable work-from-home setup and encourages productivity. Already have a desk? Turn the bottom into a storage space or an entertainment nook to watch TV and play video games.

Casa Collection Urbano King Loft Bed


Casa Collection Urbano King Loft Bed

Step it up with this massive space-saving king-long bed fully equipped with everything you need. The bed features interior and exterior closet space to fully transform your bedroom into something more functional than what you signed up for. The bed comes with two sets of stairs on either side that both have drawers for storage, which is perfect for couples. There are nightstands on either side so you can place your phone, a lamp, and other knickknacks you might need at your bedside. Underneath is a massive closet area with numerous cubbies and drawers for safekeeping. There are even two closets in total, so couples sharing the space can have one. The Urbano is perfect for any couple living in a small space and will fully modernize your current bedroom tremendously.

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