The Best Small Bathroom Vanities

What are the best small bathroom vanities? The best vanities for the bathroom can add the much-needed service to your home and ensure that you keep all your essentials in one place.

Small Bathroom Vanities

Small Bathroom Vanities Reviews: Top 9 Reviews 

Here is the review of the top nine vanities that can fit your small bathroom.

1. Eclife Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16”

The system comes with a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that saves you 30% of the water. It also includes a 3/8-inch water supply hose that allows you to connect it to all standard plumbing. 

The product is made of MDF eco-friendly material that ensures it remains sturdy and lasts for decades. It is one of the easiest to clean combos you can find out there due to the smooth surface.

Another thing is the delicate design that makes it easy to assemble and to install. It is further enhanced by an adjustable p-bend, which makes it possible to install the drainpipe with ease.

There is also a stainless steel slide that makes it durable and is the perfect model for small spaces. 

2. HOMCOM 24” Pedestal Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 

The unit combines ample storage space with contemporary style to give you the perfect modern bathroom. Its back boasts of an open design that lets you assemble it beside or under your pedestal sink. 

It is made of moisture-resistant wood that makes it the ideal unit for the bathroom. That wood resembles hardwood and is more affordable compared to other materials. 

Two adjustable shelves come in handy when you are storing your essential or other cleaning products. That provides you with a convenient storage space that is easy to reach.

All its hardware is made of an attractive stainless steel material that adds décor and durability.

3. LUCKWIND Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink Combo

It is a separate, two-piece bathroom vanity set that provides you with flexibility when mounting and installing. The product is compatible with most colors in your bathroom and makes it more modern. 

You get multiple storage compartments that enable you to store your essentials separately. The package includes a large wall mirror that can give you essential services when in your bathroom. 

Its solid MDF wood material makes it durable and reliable and is coated with wood grid finish to resist water. You also get two large drawers that are easy to close – they give you enough space to store your things.  

It is a bathroom vanity that can fit small spaces to leave you with surfaces for installing other accessories.

4. Eclife 24” Modern Bathroom Vanity and Sink – White Round Ceramic Vessel Sink

The product comes with a 0.5-inch connector for cold/hot water supply hose and saves you 30% of water. It also boasts of long-lasting chrome faucet, mirror, and pop up drain. 

The system is made of eco-friendly MDF material that makes it sturdy and durable to give you service for years. You can bet on the smooth surface when it comes to cleaning the dirt. 

It is easy to install the unit thanks to the simple design and easy assembling process. Here you get four drawers that allow you to store your essentials in different places. 

The unit can add décor to your bathroom and make it more valuable. It was designed to fit small spaces and quickly resists water. 

5. Design House 531145 Wynham Ready-To-Assemble 2 Door/4 Drawer Vanity 

It is a compact vanity that gives you the space you require to store your essentials in your bathroom. The unit gives you clean lines, and the hinges are concealed to ensure that your toilet remains attractive. 

One feature that makes it remarkable is the 4-drawer construction. It comes in handy to give you plenty of space to keep your toiletries in different places. 

The other notable feature of the vanity is the ability to resist water, making it the perfect model for a bathroom. It was designed to be used in palaces with limited spaces and can provide the service you desire. 

6. Design House 531731 Wyndham Ready-To-Assemble 2 Door Vanity 

The product measures 24x18x31.5 inches, making it one of the most suitable vanities for small spaces. It provides you with plenty of room to keep your essentials in one place.

One great feature is the concealed hinges that ensure you get a clean look when you install it. You need to assemble the top and is sold separately – which is one of the most natural things to do. 

The package comes with a touch-up repair kit that you can use to replace any broken part. It is a great unit that can provide you with years of services when in your bathroom. 

You can get value for your money when you choose this model for your modern bathroom. 

7. Puluomis 28-Inch Bathroom Vanity 

Here you get a sleek surface that is made of wood grip patterns to make your bathroom look modern. It is a compact unit that leaves enough space in your bathroom to install other things. 

The package includes a glass sink, mirror, and vanity, giving you all you would need to have a complete bathroom. You also get an ORB faucet, hot/cold lines, pop up drain, and mountain hardware. 

It also comes with a glossy surface that is easy to clean and gives you a stylish and modern design. The unit fits perfectly with most bathroom decors and makes your bathroom more valuable.

It is a unit that can give you value for your money and make your bathroom more useful. 

8. Eclife 24” Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

The system has a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator that helps to save up to 30% of water and has a 3/8-inch water supply hose. It also comes with a pop-up drain that makes it easy to remove the water.

The product is made of 15mm thick MDF material that is econ-friendly – it is also sturdy and durable. You can count on the vanity to resist water and is easy to clean.  

It is also easy to install the vanity thanks to its unique and simple design. You do not need to seek professional help when fitting it in small spaces. 

The other feature is the 304 stainless steel and soft-close door that ensures you have an easy time. 

9. Eclife 24” Modern Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo – Square Blue Glass Vessel Sink 

It is one of the easiest vanities you can ever get when it comes to installing, and it measures 32x20x24 inches. The system is made of sturdy MDF material that lasts for years and offers stability. 

You might love the square ocean blue sink vessel that features unique patterns to make your bathroom attractive.  Note that you can customize your system to suit your taste and needs. 

Another feature is the two ample size drawers and one upper storage. The three come in handy to allow you to store a lot of essentials in a limited space. 

There is also a pop-up drain, and a solid brass made faucet. You can save water when you choose this model, thanks to the 1.5 GPM faucet aerator.

Where to Buy Small Bathroom Vanities?

There are dozens of places where you can buy a small bathroom vanity to add to your shower. For instance, they are sold in various stores near you and online.

We would recommend you buy online to get a chance of choosing among hundreds of models and brands, which might not be the case in a physical store. You can select one of the units we have reviewed above from Amazon.

Final Word 

You can now head to the market and choose the best small bathroom vanities that can work for your bathrooms. There are a lot of brands you can choose from; we have only reviewed the top models from several companies.

Best Small Bathroom Vanities

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