The Best Resale Apps to Help You Downsize and Declutter Your Home

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Admit it: There’s at least one hall closet, junk drawer, or even an entire section of your home that could use some serious decluttering. As work schedules get busy and life throws unexpected plans and obstacles our way, it’s easy to let unused or unwanted items pile up throughout the year. But what if we told you there are tons of free and easy-to-use online resale sites that could help you make extra money for the things you’re not using? 

Whether you’re downsizing your home, decluttering your attic, or embracing the Marie Kondo-inspired minimalist lifestyle this year, we’ve got you. Here are the best resale apps, websites, and tools to use when you’re ready to resell your stuff. Or at least once you’ve determined that, as it turns out, the old couch you’ve been holding onto for years really doesn’t spark joy after all.

Does it cost money to use online resale sites?

The short answer is: It depends on the platform. It only happens sometimes, but certain resale apps and websites may charge a service fee upfront. (Before even allowing the seller to list an item for sale.) However, it’s more common for online resale sites to make money by taking a cut of the sales made on their platform. This can range anywhere from 5% to 30% of the money made in any given sale. Service fees constantly change. Read the platform’s specific terms of service to see if they’ll take a portion of your sale. 

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What is the best app to use to sell stuff?

Here are the top-tier apps and websites that make selling your belongings online a breeze: 

Use These Resale Apps to Sell Used Clothing, Furniture & More

Check out some of the pros, cons, and other helpful details for these 13 best resale apps:

1. Poshmark

With over 200 million active listings (and counting!) Poshmark is easily one of the most popular resale apps in the thrifting space right now. Users can buy and sell second-hand clothing items, home decor pieces, beauty products, and more on the platform. 

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit), PayPal, Venmo, or check
  • Pros: Prepaid shipping labels, ability to bundle items and offer discounted shipping to buyers, the app is constantly rolling out new features
  • Cons: Highly competitive market with millions of listings on the platform, high seller fees, and shipping costs

2. Depop

If you’re specifically looking to sell clothing and other fashion items online, Depop is another excellent option. Catered more towards high-end yet accessible brands, Depop helps reduce fashion waste by allowing users to turn the clothes they don’t wear into fast cash. 

  • Payment Method: PayPal or Stripe
  • Pros: Lower seller fees, more flexibility with shipping costs, available worldwide
  • Cons: Limited payment options, restricted to four photos per listing

3. thredUP

thredUP is a socially and environmentally-conscious thrift store. They believe “the clothes we wear have the power to create change.” It’s a great resale website if you reject the culture of fast fashion and want to make sure your clothing finds a new home.

  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Pros: Environmentally friendly, can list a wide variety of items for sale
  • Cons: Long evaluation process, payouts are often small and can take months to hit

4. Facebook Marketplace

Scouring Facebook Marketplace is one of the best ways to find a great deal on used furniture, decor, and other items these days. Since its introduction to the social media platform in 2016, Facebook Marketplace has been one of the most popular places to sell unwanted or unused belongings to buyers in your local community.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer or in person
  • Pros: Shipping and local pick-up options, convenience
  • Cons: Need a Facebook account to access Marketplace, seller is responsible for communicating with buyer and coordinating local pick up, uncontrollable inventory, and availability

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5. Craigslist

What is Craigslist if not the most iconic and well-known sites to buy, sell, and find deals on used items? While many other options have popped up over the years, Craigslist is still used widely, with 250+ million visits per month

  • Payment Method: Varies
  • Pros: Massive user base, no account needed to sell items
  • Cons: Seller must coordinate and communicate with the buyer, scams and safety issues are still recurring on the platform

6. eBay

Another tried-and-true classic is eBay, the iconic e-commerce company founded in 1995. Though it’s undergone many changes and updates over the years, eBay is still one of the top places to buy and sell second-hand items.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit)
  • Pros: Ability to sell just about anything, set your own price, and reach a wide audience
  • Cons: Seller fees can be high, payout system can be complicated, vast user base leaves the platform saturated and makes listings ultra-competitive

7. Nextdoor

Think of Nextdoor as a mini online community. You can get local tips, chat with your neighbors, and buy or sell pre-owned items. The resale platform uses your physical location to serve up local buyers and listings in your area.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit)
  • Pros: Find great deals on local items in your area, the pick-up option makes sales simple
  • Cons: Invoice system means payments can take longer, social aspect means the platform isn’t solely geared towards buying/selling

8. PangoBooks

Launched in 2021, PangoBooks has a simple mission: To create the most accessible and enjoyable place for readers to buy and sell books online. With an intuitive platform and a fast-growing network of buyers and sellers, PangoBooks makes creating an account feel like setting up your own little online bookstore. 

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit), PayPal, or store credit
  • Pros: No restrictions on what books can/can’t be listed, large user base, easy to use
  • Cons: Platform takes a small cut of sales

9. Go Textbooks

If you’ve got bulky textbooks from college lying around, you know firsthand how much space they take up. GoTextbooks is an online marketplace aiming to solve this problem by offering quick and easy textbook-selling services for current and recent grads.

  • Payment Method: PayPal or check
  • Pros: Instant quotes by typing in the ISBN, free shipping labels provided
  • Cons: Not all books are accepted (based on current demand and age of the book), all purchases are final

10. Decluttr

Video game consoles, old iPhones, and other tech can be tricky to get rid of. If you plan on trading it in for something other than the latest and greatest model, try selling it to Decluttr. They’re a smart, sustainable, and trusted online resale website for used and refurbished items.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit, PayPal, or charity donation
  • Pros: Wide variety of items can be sold, tech can be traded in for newer models, and all tech sold is either refurbished or recycled responsibly
  • Cons: Not all items are accepted, and offers may be lower than other resale platforms

11. Chairish

If you have a unique collection of vintage furniture or a few high-end home decor pieces you’re looking to part with, Chairish might be the app for you. Interior designers use the site regularly to look for source material. Its inventory features high-end items.

  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Pros: Listing is free, platform touches up photo quality, offers both shipping and local pick-up options
  • Cons: The platform takes a cut of the sale, and the platform must approve listed items

12. Worthy

Diamonds may be forever. But if you do happen to have any you’re hoping to sell, Worthy is one of the best online resale shops to do it. Equipped with personal auction managers and a network of 1,000+ professional buyers, Worthy will help ensure you get the absolute best price for your diamonds, fine jewelry, watches, and more.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit), check, or PayPal
  • Pros: The platform cleans and photographs your jewelry for you, and the seller determines the price after receiving third-party grading information
  • Cons: Online auction system takes 48-72 hours, and the platform takes a 10-18% cut of sales

13. Rebag

Rebag is a marketplace for buying and selling designer handbags, accessories, watches, jewelry, and other big-ticket luxury items. They have an online platform and multiple brick-and-mortar locations throughout the country, making them a highly accessible choice.

  • Payment Method: Electronic transfer (direct deposit), check, or store credit
  • Pros: Physical locations, financing options, rewards program, items are vetted & verified
  • Cons: Limited to bags/accessories, few opportunities to resell clothing, shipping can be costly (especially for international customers)

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Have you used any of these top-rated companies to find new homes for the stuff you no longer need? Did we miss one of the best resale apps you and your friends swear by? Feel free to share your personal resale experience with us on social media! You can also share this article with a friend looking to downsize or tackle a decluttering project this year.

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This post The Best Resale Apps to Help You Downsize and Declutter Your Home appeared first on Life Storage Blog.