Step-By-Step Toy Room Organization

Organizing a toy room and figuring out toy storage is not for the faint of heart. When you’re faced with heaps and heaps of toys, games, stuffed animals, kid craft projects, and half-eaten snacks, it’s easy to feel intimidated. 

Playroom organization with white shelves filled with toys and artwork on walls

Toy Room Organization

Sometimes playrooms can feel more like disaster zones than fun places to play with toys!

But if you have dreams of an organized playroom, you have to take action! Here’s step-by-step instructions for how to organize a playroom:

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How to Organize a Playroom and Set Up Toy Storage
Start organizing your toy room by detrashing. Then assess your toy storage needs.

  1. Start by de-trashing. Old snacks, wrappers, broken toys, ripped projects, dried-out glue, etc. Anything that’s obviously trash gets removed first. This will clear a little space, and make the whole area smell a little better. 😉
  2. Declutter. Decide which items you need to get rid of, and which items you want to keep. Involve your kids in this step if they’re old enough! As you work, get the decluttered items out of the playroom so you can really see what you’re working with.
    Organizing a playroom. Group like items or toys together.
  3. Group like items together. This doesn’t have to be perfectly organized – just grouped. Put all of the Legos in one pile, all the board games in another, Little People in a different spot, etc.
  4. Assess your toy storage. Trying to keep like items together, where will you store everything? On bookshelves, in bins, in baskets, on the floor? Figure out what will work best for all the items you need to store. Don’t buy any new storage containers yet!
    Use toy storage bins to easily organize your playroom.
  5. Put everything away in the toy storage you already have.
  6. If you still have items that need to be put away or organized, look for toy storage solutions elsewhere in your house. This will save you a lot of money on bins and baskets!
  7. If you still have items that need to be stored, look for playroom storage ideas and figure out which solutions you want to use.
  8. Give the playroom a good cleaning and enjoy!

Toy Room Organization Solutions

Using containers or shelves to keep like items together can make toys easier to find and put away. Here are some toy room storage solutions you can incorporate to keep things organized:

  • Shelves – Whether your toy room has built-in shelves or open shelves, having some kind of shelving to keep things off the ground makes things more tidy. On the shelves you can store larger toys, or containers that are filled with smaller toys. Using shelving makes it easier to see toys and create a system for putting toys away.
  • Garment rack for storing costumes – If you have a lot of play costumes, storing them on an inexpensive, adjustable garment rack keeps them off the floor and easy to access. Adjust the closet rack so it’s lower and kids can reach the costumes.
  • Wicker baskets – If you have extra wicker baskets around the house, use them to store blankets for fort-making, balls for a ball-pit, and oversized toys that don’t fit in your playroom storage units. 
  • Cubes for bookcases – Instead of using bulky plastic drawer sets, use inexpensive cubes to serve as drawers on bookshelves and storage units. The cubes are usually softer and more kid-friendly. Plus, they’re more flexible so you can use them in the kids’ playroom or in other places in the home.
  • Storage ottomans – These work well for storing larger sets like blocks, or Lincoln Logs. Plus, they add seating to the playroom, which you will probably appreciate!

Keeping Your Toy Room Organized

Organizing a playroom takes time and a lot of work. Enjoy the results of your newly organized playroom (for as long as they last!).

And,when things start to get messy again, you can use this handy Playroom Cleanup Checklist. You can download it when you subscribe to the Organizing Moms newsletter below:

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