Spring Cleaning Series: Eliminate Chaos and Live Better Now

Make Your Closets Work for You
As a custom closet business, we are forever finding ways to help clients eliminate chaos and live better in their homes. Practicing isolation during COVID-19 brings these ideas to the very front of our minds. Now more than ever, we’re mining our creativity and resourcefulness for opportunities to add beauty, convenience and efficiency to your closets and home.

Our new Spring Cleaning Series keeps things simple, fun and rewarding by challenging you to approachable tasks you can complete in an hour. Along the way, we’ll share some of our favorite custom closets to inspire you. We hope getting organized with us brings you greater feelings of contentment and ease.
PRO TIP: To supercharge your spring cleaning sessions, work the 30-Day Minimalism Game at the same time. Step One: Clear Your Closet Floor
Let’s start from the ground up. This week, move things off the floor of one or more of your closets. Seeing a fresh, empty stretch of floor in your home brings a noticeable surge of relief and positive feelings.

A clear closet floor lays the foundation for tidy storage habits. Call Closets of Tulsa now for a FREE consultation and 3-D closet design.

Closet storage boxes and closet drawers can be a huge help with this task. To fine-tune your closet system, experiment with creative infrastructure like closet drawer organizers and acrylic shelf dividers.

Our built-in laundry hampers are another convenient way to reclaim space on your closet floor. These hampers are removable for easy trips to the laundry room. As a bonus, they’re mounted off the floor so they don’t collect dust or create clutter.

Moving off-season clothes out of your shopping zone will also make space to bring items off the floor. Pullout wire storage baskets are a great option to keep everything straight. I have a low-profile pullout basket like these in my own closet where I store sandals in winter and scarves in summer:
Closet Inspiration to Get You Motivated
Check out this fabulous custom closet we designed for a Tulsa client. She organizes her closet to feel like a luxury boutique. It’s really working for her!

This custom closet by Closets of Tulsa created space for everything the homeowner needs to store. Call now for a FREE consultation and 3-D closet design.

Notice how refreshing it feels to see everything off the floor? It’s a simple step that makes a big difference!

Closets of Tulsa creates custom closet and garage solutions for every style and budget. Call now for a FREE consultation and 3-D closet design.
Feeling Stuck with Your Closet Storage?
Closets of Tulsa can help. We are OPEN and operating with an abundance of caution in response to COVID-19. Get one-on-one attention and honest feedback from Tulsa’s closet experts.
Call now for a FREE virtual consultation and 3-D closet design. Get Details 918.609.0214 For more inspiration, check out last year’s Spring Cleaning Checklist. It’s full of useful tips to maximize style and function in your closets.