Remodeling a Bathroom? Six Trends to Consider in 2020

Sweeten shares bathroom design trends for next year

Bathroom trends

With a front-row seat to thousands of renovations, we marvel at how our homeowners raise the bar on design every year. They seem to push their own creative boundaries with each new home or renovationwhether in colors, patterns, or detailed millwork.

Weve taken a closer look at completed remodels to reveal recurring trends well on their way to becoming mainstays as well as new trends popping up here at Sweeten, a renovation platform connecting homeowners to vetted general contractors.

No room is more evident of cracking the comfort zone than the bathroom. Smart design, color choices, and unlimited access to inspiration (Sweetens Pinterest board on bathrooms receives top views) have given renovators the motivation and materials to build the perfect personal space.

From design-leaning trends (the new neutral, navy blue) and low-maintenance materials (large-format tile) to a taste of European style (wet rooms), the theme for 2020 is to give your inner creativity more space! Notable mention to matte black fixtures and floating vanities, both of which made the list again this year. Notable mention to floating vanities, which made the list again this year, and matteblack fixtures.

Feeling Blue, In a Good Way

blue bathroom

Floor-to-ceiling blue wall

blue bathroom

Navy and gold finishes

Blue bathroom

Paneling painted in blue

Blue bathroom

Blue above the chair rail

When the design leaders crowned navy as their Color of the Year,Sherwin Williams Naval and Pantones Classic Blueit was no surprise to us. Sweeten has been seeing so many renovators bathroom remodels take a dramatic turn toward dark blue. If youre looking for a neutral that has pigment, deep blues are classic and comfortingthink the sensible navy blue pump or uniforms. Its also a nice contrast against light-colored tile and floors.

Here, a look at just some of the blue baths that have come Sweetens way, including Michelle + Nates floor-to-ceiling painted wall, Ashleigh + Jonathans mix of blue and gold, Merediths wood paneling, and Rachel + Michaels blue wall above the chair rail.

The Magic of Floating Vanities

floating vanity

Double-sink vanity

Floating vanity

Minimalist storage

red floating vanity

Double-drawer vanity

floating vanity

Four-door storage vanity

There are so many reasons to choose a wall-mounted (or floating) vanity when remodeling your bathroom. First, it makes small bathrooms look more spacious and can provide additional storage options underneath. Second, it conveys a more modern vibe and is easy to clean (no nooks and crannies to scrub around.) And lastly, floating vanities help make your tile the star, since they dont extend to the floor, allowing more surface area for tiles.

And lets not forget that by mounting to the wall, you can make the countertop any height youd likea flexibility not found in standard vanities.If you like the floating look, scroll through to see size and style options, including a double-sink vanity, a piece that blends in with a minimalist style, a red double-drawer, and a vanity with generous storage.

Living Large

large format tile bathroom

Porcelain wall tile

industrial style bathroom

Industrial-style bathroom

large format shower tile

Two-toned tile

large format bathroom tile

Polished porcelain throughout

large format bathroom tile

Large-format tile as floor tile

Large-format tile equals big impact. LFTs, as they are known in the industry, range from 16 inches to 10 feet, meaning there are fewer grout lines to keep clean (hello, lower maintenance). Create a seamless look from shower walls, floors, or tub surroundsyou might even consider a large slab on a wall in one gorgeous fell swoop.

Click through these Sweeten renovators who have elected to try large tiles in their bathroom: Ylia + Andrs porcelain shower tile, Uldis + Serges taupe floor tile, Sonya + Aarons two-toned LFT choices, Sharon + Laurences polished porcelain surface, and a homeowners bathroom floor tile.

Wall Statements WIth Something To Say

hexagon wall tile

Cascading hex wall tile

wallpaper bathroom

Bold and moody wallpaper

wallpaper bathroom

Black and white wallpaper

floor-to-ceiling bath tile

Feature wall in hex tile

herringbone tile in the bathroom

More counterspace on a wall-hung sink

Dont shy away from making daring design choices for the bathroom. Instead of playing it safe, you can easily turn this traditionally small room into one that gives you a sense of joy. Whether its just one wall or all four, its possible to take a smallor bigbold step.

Here, a little inspiration from a few Sweeten renovators who werent afraid to go out on a limb: cascading hex wall tile, bold wallpaper in two bathrooms, feature wallin hex tile, and floor-to-ceiling herringbone feature wall.

The European-style Wet Room Comes Stateside

Shower and tub in one room

Shower and tub in one room

wet room

European-inspired wet room

Japanese style bathroom

Japanese-styled wet room

wet room

Green-and-white wet room

Most notable in Europe, the definition of a wet room: a bathroom with an open floor plan that has a drain to which water is directed. A wet room differs from a walk-in shower in that they usually dont have glass or other partitions around them and dont have a shower tray!

These rooms are rising in popularity for their modern look as well as their ability to be cleaned easily. Plus, they are ideal for smaller bathrooms because their wide-open design can make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Here, a roundup of a few Sweeten renovator projects that show wet rooms at their finest including a shower and tub combined in one room, a European-inspired wet room, a Japanese-styled wet room, and a green-and-white open shower.

Secret Storage

bathroom storage

Storage in niche spaces

Remodeling a Bathroom? Six Trends to Consider in 2020

Built-in toilet paper holder

built-in bath storage

Disguised bath storage

Shower storage

Built-in inside shower

One clever storage solution can add panache to the room that wakes you up and sends you off to sleep. Why not mix some fun with function? A few Sweeten renovators tapped their ingenuity and came up with surprising ways to squeeze every inch out of their limited square footage.

Check out these clever hacks from Sweeten homeowners, from a slanted storage shelf and a built-in storage door/toilet paper holder to a disguised storage built-in, and even a built-in inside the shower.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? As you can see from these real-life renovations, the bathroom is the perfect space to exercise your creative muscle. Whether its a big change or a small design trend, a Sweeten contractor can help realize your vision. Sweeten will help monitor your project until its finished.

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