Luxury loft conversion ideas for 2020

An attic or loft can often be an overlooked and wasted space in your home a room with massive potential simply left to store old, unused items and collect dust. As the new year approaches, it might be time for you to clear out the heavens of your home and focus on a modern solution to living: a luxury loft conversion.

More and more people are beginning to recognise the opportunity they have resting above their heads, whether its for the purpose of increasing the mon etary value of their property, to expand and take advantage of their current living space, or to create a room of utter luxury within their home, a loft conversion can do it all.

With that in mind, we have a few suggestions as to how you can make the most of your attic space this coming year. Be sure to explore your options and make the most of the space available to you, consider the company you choose to do the job and your loft conversion cost, and definitely expect a magical transformation in your home.

A very common use of a converted loft is as a master bedroom

A luxury master bedroom

A very common use of a converted loft is as a master bedroom. Tucked away on the top level of your home you can find a whole new sense of privacy as well as the opportunity to experiment with some unique design features. Make use of the space and the angled walls by installing bespoke wardrobe and drawer fittings to maximise room and storage. If you are lucky to have a sizeable attic, you can even incorporate your own private en suite with a luxury walk in shower.

Guest quarters

For those already in love with their bedroom, and those with an attic big enough, why not take the opportunity to turn this space into a place of luxury for your guests? Bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette can all feature in your loft conversion making it a quaint and idyllic retreat for visitors and potentially even a space for growing children in the future. If the structure of your home can accommodate it, you might even be able to extend part of the roof to create a balcony as well for an extra luxurious feature.

A loft conversion is a great way to renovate, add to your existing house structure and create more living space

The perfect man cave

What better way to use a hidden and secluded space in your house than to turn it into a grand and glamorous man cave. Install a surround sound system, a pro jector and screen, plush leather couches and armchairs, and maybe even your very own bar whatever you might want that cant be put in the main house can find its home in your new entertainment suite.

A library of your own

A very unique use of your attic could be as your own personal in house library. Consider installing some speciality shelves and bookcases to utilise difficult space, maybe even include a small desk as well to double up the area as a study. If your attic is small this would be a great way to make use of the full area, but even if its not, a library or study feature can easily be incorporated into a bigger space as an additional element.

The best loft conversion ideas alleviate space pressure on the rest of the house and improve circulation

A tranquil bathroom

If you are working with a space that is on the smaller side, why not consider a luxury bathroom or shower room? Tiled walls, glass and mirrors can open the room up by bouncing light around the space whilst also being incredibly easy to clean. Embrace the slanted walls by installing skylights or high windows for a bright and natural ambience whilst also maintaining the perfect amount of privacy for your new bathroom.

The ideal relaxation space

Perhaps you are missing a space in your home to relax, rewind, and escape the stresses of every day life? If that is the case, then you might have your heart set on a conversion that turns your loft into a serene and peaceful haven. You may want to investigate the possibility for exposed beams in your attic as this may prove to be a very useful design feature that could allow you to hang drapes, lights, decorative accessories and even some fun furniture such as a hammock or swing.