Little Dreamer Rainbow Tabletop Vanity

Most children love to pretend play at home. As parents we want the best for our children and we want to encourage our children to learn, be creative and in doing so flourish in their development. And the best way for our children to do that is to play.

My daughter loves creating, wondering and exploring through imaginative play - it has always been one of her favourite ways to express herself. Often she will try and act out a whole range of scenarios such as pretending to style her hair, put on makeup, cooking, washing laundry, sweeping the floor, taking care of a doll or teddy bear or opening a make believe shop. Her imagination has no limits.

I remembered during my childhood days, me, my sister and my brother would sneakily rummage through our parent's wardrobe and dress up like our parents. I would always pick my Mum's favourite pale pink sequin dress, with the huge shoulder pads (gotta love the 80s), her pearls and high heels. My sister would always pick out her best black dress while my brother would wear my Dad's best suit and shirt. We would spend ages mimicking our parents and their mannerisms with lots of laughter. So, it comes to no surprise that my own daughter likes to do the same thing.

Often, little girls prefer to be just like their mummies. My daughter loves to get into my wardrobes (just like I did) to get her hands on my high heels to try and mimic me. There have been times where I have caught her rummaging through my makeup cases trying to apply makeup, pretending to have her own YouTube channel. 

We have always provided our daughter with toys that encourage education, social skills or imaginative play. We have seen she has become more interested in watching me do my hair and makeup and loves to ask questions. So what a better way to encourage that than getting her very own vanity table - its the perfect solution and one that will keep her away from my MAC lipstick!

Vanity tables for little girls are ideal for storing jewellery, hair accessories, make-up, and all kinds of precious little keepsakes your little one has accumulated over the years. In fact, the only rule is that the item should be small enough to comfortably fit inside the pull-out draws. An adorable way to encourage a little imaginative play that may even add a little storage space to a bedroom.

The Little Dreamer Rainbow Tabletop Vanity Table is perfect for this, especially if you're tight on space too. It makes the perfect addition to any space. The rainbow mirror with functional star hooks offer storage for jewellery and hair accessories, while the two open compartments and drawer provide space for the included play makeup. This vanity tabletop includes two lipsticks, one nail polish, one compact powder with puff, one eyeshadow with brush, one perfume bottle with spray nozzle, one brush, one comb, and one makeup instructions.

Give your little one everything they need to get ready for the day with this Little Dreamer Wooden Tabletop Vanity Set. All of the pieces have a child-sized design that's made for little hands, while their durable MDF construction is safe and easy to wipe clean for every day messes. This set measures 12" x 4.75" x 12" for convenient storage in cabinets, closets, and toy boxes when not in use.

The Little Dreamer Rainbow Tabletop Vanity is so cute

The quality is incredible and a very sturdy wooden vanity table - this would be a great option for those who are limited on space as it can go on top of a chest of drawers or bedside table. This sets also included a variety of accessories that are perfect for smaller hands and look really realistic.

The vanity features an arch mirror with a brightly-coloured rainbow border to help your little one apply pretend makeup, while the functional star hooks on the rainbow provide storage for bracelets, necklaces, scrunchies, hair ties, and more. It is also designed with two open compartments on top and a large centre drawer to provide ample storage for the included accessories. 

This Little Dreamer Rainbow Tabletop Vanity is a great toy to encourage my daughter to use her imagination and pretend play that will bring hours of fun. You will not be disappointed.

** We have been kindly been gifted the toys that has been featured in this post. But as always, my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using. **