Keep your AirPods Max safe and sound on a headphone stand

When you've invested in a pair of over-ear headphones as premium as the Apple AirPods Max, you don't want to just throw them in a drawer when not in use. You can keep them safe and easily at hand with a headphone stand that will also put your lovely headphones on display for the world to admire. The headphone stands on this list are excellent solutions to your headphone storage problem.
Shape-preserving support UPPERCASE Designs Zero Infinity Headphone Stand

Staff Pick

Created specifically for high-end headphones like the AirPods Max, the Zero Infinity Headphone Stand supports headphones with a round shape that echoes the shape of a head. This preserves the shape and integrity of the headband when the headphones are not in use. The simple design will easily fit into the look of any office space.

$40 at Amazon
Best for black AirPods Max Omoton AirPods Max Stand

The gold and black design of the Omoton Stand will look especially striking when paired with black AirPods Max. The adjustable stand can hold your headphones higher or lower depending on your preference, and it's easy to assemble or disassemble as necessary.

$11 at Amazon
Best for tight spaces The Anchor Pro

If you don't have a lot of extra desk space, the Anchor Pro is an easy solution to keep your headphones safely tucked under a desk or table. Because of strong 3M adhesive, no drilling is required to install it, and the Anchor Pro includes cable management for easy charging.

$16 at Amazon
Upgrade pick Grovemade Wood Headphone Stand

For big budgets and expensive tastes, the Grovemade Wood Stand is beautifully crafted from solid hardwood, natural vegetable-tanned leather, and stainless steel. It will make the perfect accent to upscale office spaces.

$150 at Grovemade
Best for gamers Znoble Headphone Stand with Charging Hub

The Znoble Headphone Stand doubles as both a headphone stand and a connection hub for all your devices. It can charge the headphones and other devices using both USB 3.0 and Type-C ports, and it can also connect to laptops using the AUX port or silicone connection cable.

$26 at Amazon
Wireless charger included New Bee Wireless Charging Headphone Stand

Another multifunctional stand, the New Bee stand works beautifully as a minimal headphone stand, and it will charge Qi-enabled devices as well. Charge your iPhone, AirPods, or any wireless charging device on the base.

$30 at Amazon
For you and a friend JOKItech Double Headphones Stand

If you and your partner both have a nice pair of headphones, you can share this double headphone stand from JOKItech. The aluminum stand is simple and attractive; it will look amazing with a silver pair of AirPods Max.

$30 at Amazon
Easy-on clamp Eurpmask Headphone Hanger Mount

Another under-desk solution, the Eurpmask Hanger Mount uses a clamp to hang on any desk or table. You can set it to face inwards or outwards on your desk, depending on how you'd like the headphones to hang.

$13 at Amazon
Hang up those headphones
For something so simple, it's surprising how many types of headphone stands there are. Our pick is the Zero Infinity Headphone Stand because its circular design ensures that your AirPods Max will retain their shape over time. It's also built with high-quality anodized aluminum for a premium look and feel.

If budget is an issue, check out the simple Omoton AirPods Max Stand, which will look especially nice with a black pair of AirPods Max. This one is easy to assemble and comes in at a nice low price point. Look over these options and choose the headphone stand that best fits your design style and budget.