IKEA Laundry Rooms Designed for Under $2,000

You read that right! These designs are inviting and affordable.

Last year, we looked at laundry room designs for less than $4,000. This year, we’re asking the question most often asked during a home renovation (and dance parties): How low can you go?

While you can transform a small space for as little as $500, we’ll work with an average IKEA material cost of $2,000 for this article. So, if you’re hoping to use this year’s tax refund to create a more functional laundry room you’ll actually want to spend time in, check out the designs below.

A laundry room often doubles as a mud room.

If you’re one of many people whose laundry room is in a high-traffic area, you’ll want a versatile design with these four main points of focus:

  1. It should look nice. High traffic means a lot of people will see it.
  2. Your laundry room must contain the mess and clutter of daily living. If people pass through often, there can’t be piles of clothes in the way.
  3. The laundry area can’t take up much space. If it’s in an entryway, for example, you’ll also need room for coats, shoes, umbrellas, backpacks, etc.
  4. It must serve its purpose. Functionality is key.

The last of three IKEA laundry room designs, featured in this November 2022 article , is located in a mud room. For an affordable price, IKD designer Merari was able to use some of the same containment tricks frequently used in our kitchen designs, such as using IKEA kitchen cabinets and panels to offer hidden storage and a sleek design.

The homeowners also opted for front-loading appliances, which always helps save on space. Merari was able to include a flat panel that frames the washer and dryer and provides the perfect place for folding clothes. The multiple cabinets can be used for laundry room storage or seasonal items that would make sense in a mud room, like sunscreen or winter hats and gloves.

The cost of IKEA cabinets and doors in this design totals $1,464.

We provide clarity for your IKEA Laundry Room design journey


Laundry rooms can double as attractive storage solutions.

The second laundry room design featured here is in a basement. When you imagine a basement laundry room, your first thought may be a dark, dank room that looks like it belongs in a horror movie. This design is proof that it does not have to be that way.

In fact, your laundry room can be a beautiful, organized part of your home that finally gets the attention it deserves. Yes, it may be where you shove emergency kits and the mending pile (that you’re absolutely going to get around to one day), but it’s also a vital part of your daily life. This design will make it so you don’t mind venturing downstairs to switch loads.

This design features a galley-style laundry room, with appliances on one side (unseen in the photo) and a sink with plenty of IKEA cabinets on the other. The cabinets are IKEA brand, as are the handles, with door fronts by Semihandmade. Again, this design provides a long counter, the ideal place to fold laundry, as well as room for roll-out hampers to keep laundry sorted and the space looking organized.

As Merari says, “Laundry rooms should have pleasant colors and interesting design touches.”

The cost of IKEA cabinets and doors in this design totals $1,759.

You don’t have to go big to make your laundry room feel like home.

The last laundry room featured in this article was designed using Semihandmade’s Shaker Night Sky doors. Because doors and drawer fronts are the focal points whenever cabinets are involved in a design, customers often spend a lot of money on them.

While Semihandmade brings a lot of style to even the smallest home improvement projects, you can use IKEA AXSTAD door fronts to get this $6,000 design feel for a fraction of the cost.

This laundry room was designed prior to building, allowing it to fit perfectly in the rest of the space. The homeowner wanted something “inspiring” and this bold look was right for her. IKD designer Florence achieved the look by stacking IKEA SEKTION cabinets next to the stacked washer/dryer unit and adding a smaller cabinet overtop of the unit, much as you see in kitchens over the fridge. On the other side of the laundry room there are more cabinets, a hamper, and drop-down table to act as a folding station.

The cost of IKEA cabinets and doors in this design (with AXSTAD doors) totals about $2,300. (We know, we know; it’s not exactly under $2,000, but this design is gorgeous and pretty close!)

Make your laundry room look like a million bucks for less.

Why spend more on your laundry room upgrade than you have to? These designs are beautiful, functional, and affordable. (After all, style and affordability are two of the main reasons we love IKEA.)

We would never go so far as to call doing laundry fun, but for just $2,000, you can have a lovely, organized IKEA laundry room that makes your journey to bleach tube socks less of a chore.

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