How to Build a Home Office and Home-School Space With IKEA Cabinets

For most IKEA customers, having design options is very important, especially this year. After all, the effects of COVID-19 have more and more people finding themselves working from home or home schooling their children.

As IKEA design experts we know how IKEA cabinets will help you achieve a versatile and functional IKEA office design or home school space for your kids. Maybe the IKEA design takes the shape of a small nook adapted to maximize more space; or perhaps it’s one of several custom options available through third-party manufacturers like Semihandmade or Kokeena, for example; or it features organizational IKEA accessories, such as internal drawers, shelves or pullouts.

No matter your design, IKEA customers are recognizing the need to adapt to this newly needed space in any home. So, if you have been searching HOUZZ or other design Web sites for examples of office designs look no further. The IKD design team can make your home office feel right at home. Therefore, we know people looking to use IKEA’s cabinets throughout other rooms in the house will find value in these types of multi-purpose IKEA design options.

Let’s take a look!

Using IKEA Cabinets To Build a Home Office

Even if it’s a small nook that you had to adapt, or a room that you needed to rethink altogether; using IKEA cabinets will definitely get you and your family organized – and it can fit in very well with other rooms in the home.

This was the case for IKD customer Meredith from Seattle, WA, who worked with IKD to design a tidy office nook in a space adjacent to her bedroom.

“I wanted a space to do some writing or even to do bills, plus have decorative space available,” Meredith says.

To accomplish this, the space features IKEA’s SEKTION cabinets with VEDDINGE doors. Cabinets were cut to desk height with drawers on either side for paperwork or those pesky bills. Open shelving provides a display area for picture frames and some flowers and plants as well (in a perfect spot to take advantage of the natural lighting too!)

IKD customers Charles and Tina from Topeka, KS, had their own twist on an IKEA home office design with his traditional-style office added to the bedroom layout.

“We were doing a kitchen remodel and decided to take advantage of it to update our bedroom with a home office as well,” Charles notes.

To that end, the space combines IKEA cabinetry and custom doors in white and dark charcoal to create an ornate, traditional look. The long vertical cabinetry on either side is ideal to hang his and hers suit jackets while the open shelving and other upper cabinetry house books, magazines and display items.

Customize it

We hope you see already that home office and school work spaces don’t need to be all function and no form.

Far from it.

Another way to ensure this is by using IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework with custom options, such as fronts from third-party custom cabinet manufacturers like drawer boxes from Semihandmade, Kokeena; Scherrs or Reform. Or even consider incorporating accessories from Rev-A-Shelf in unexpected ways. Try using the Rev-A-Shelf Heavy Duty Mixer Lift With Shelf as a printer lifter, for instance. Hint, hint: This is an excellent IKEA hack to conceal a bulkier item in your IKEA home office! And, incidentally, that is an example of why The New York Times recommends us as a design resource for customers considering custom doors for their cabinets.

IKEA Organizers and Cabinets Functionality

The thing we can’t stress enough is to make sure that you are taking advantage of everything that IKEA has to offer – especially in terms of home office design.

To that end, consider IKEA’s internal drawers, shelves, pullouts, and accessories.

For instance, the IKEA GALANT drawer unit/drop file storage is a freestanding storage option which provides design and storage flexibility; the IKEA MOPPE Mini Storage Chest in Birch Plywood (can be painted and decorated); the IKEA GODMORGON Box with lid is ideal to store pens, pencils, paperclips, etc.; or the IKEA KALLAX shelf unit which can provide additional storage for folders and files, or even separate workstations within any space you choose; it can be installed both horizontally or vertically (talk about dynamic and versatile products!)

** Image from the IKEA website

And, as we mentioned earlier, custom shelves such as the Teak Floating Shelf from Semihandmade, is an option to complement your existing IKEA cabinetry or as a centerpiece combined with IKEA SEKTION cabinetry framework.

Remember: Building a home school or home office space is a matter of organization and knowing the right cabinets to use can help you achieve that.

Ultimately, having a neat and organized IKEA home office or school space can make your work day go smoother, or can motivate your kiddo to “attend” his or her morning class. And with the right materials – and the right design guidance – your IKEA home office space with be stylish at the same time!

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