Have Marie Kondo help you organize your bathroom with her newest budget-friendly storage line

Spring cleaning? Let Marie Kondo’s bathroom storage items help!

Spring is upon us, and if you’re about to go on a spring cleaning kick, you’re going to want some organization items to help. And what better products could there be than those produced by tidying-up guru Marie Kondo? She’s teamed up with budget home store 3Coins to release multiple waves of a wallet-friendly home organization line for different rooms of the house.

Her kitchen line already came out earlier this month. Have you got some yet? If not, you better catch up, because now it’s time to organize the next part of the house: the bathroom and laundry!

The collection contains many items of different materials, shapes, and sizes to make your home organization not only easy but beautiful as well. Like the kitchen line, natural textures are common in this collection, like with the jute laundry bag (880 yen [USS$6.60]) and washable wicker baskets, which come in slim (1,100 yen) and wide sizes (2,200 yen), as well as small sizes for drawer organization (330 yen for slim and 550 yen for wide).

If you’ve got vertical space to work with, these Lidded Stacking Cases in small (330 yen), medium (550 yen), and large (880 yen) sizes.

Everything, from a slim trash can made with eco-friendly material (550 yen) to glass jars of two different sizes for small bathroom item storage (330 yen each), has a sleek and stylish feel to upgrade your bathroom and laundry rooms, where things can sometimes feel the most cluttered.

All of these items and more are available now at 3Coins stores across Japan, so why not make use of them to spark joy during your spring cleaning this year?

Source, images: PR Times
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