Hammer Fist – 7 Tools In 1

Hammer Fist is a new brand and name of their hand tool. This hammer tool promises to replace 7 tools in one. Let’s check it out below.

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Hammer Fist – Features


Like its name suggest, the hammer fist main use is as a hammer. A hammer tool that instead of having a long handle, is shaped and held like a set of brass knuckles. I suppose you could use this for self defense or offense, however this is designed to punch and pound nails.


As shown above, there are three strike plates. One on the front, the bottom, and a diagonal 45 degree strike plate in between. You can use the bottom plate to pound and the front plate to punch nails in place.

The body of the tool has a metal strike plate surrounding a plastic body. It’s also designed to “replace” a ball peen hammer. The strike plate profile can also be used as a 90 degree square.


The top side can also be used as a strike plate. Since it’s plastic on this end, it’s designed for when a non-marring mallet is needed.


The front strike plate also has a dual sided nail puller.


The front side also houses a hex bit slot meaning you can use 1/4″ hex bits for driving fasteners. Thus you can use the hammer fist as a screwdriver. This dual side nail pull also doubles as a bottle opener.


There’s also a built in ruler on the side to help with small measurements.


This tool is overall compact and has a bright highlighter green color scheme. No, it’s not a Ryobi tool though it will be sold at the Home Depot. The bright green color will help it stand out in your toolbox.

Hammer Fist – Pricing & Availability

It is available now on the Hammer Fist website for $19.99 and will soon be sold at the Home Depot.

Hammer Fist – My Thoughts

As we’ve all come to know, tools that are jack of all trades are often masters of none. While I haven’t personally used this tool myself, I believe this will fit that description. They do have a video of it in action and it looks like a good nail puller, bottle opener, and screw driver.

Its main use as a hammer lags behind a traditional hammer. This is due to the fact that a traditional hammer exerts more force thanks to a longer swing front its long handle. You can’t replicate that on this since it doesn’t have a long handle to exert more hammering force. You are limited to the force you create from punching or pounding from your hand. As such you simply cannot exert as much force as you would with a regular hammer. This is just physics.

In the video the user hammering only causes tiny movement of the nail in question, and it’s a short nail. What would take one hammer strike with a regular hammer takes several strikes with the hammer fist and the nail barely budges. As a hammer, this tool isn’t very practical. The best tool you have is the one you have at your disposal. So the best use case for this tool would be if this is your only hammer.


In the above video, they show it also being held in a way that holds the bottom strike plate to give it a proper swing. In this instance is where you see the best hammering action. But then again you’re not using it as a “hammer fist”. And then again, if you’re going to swing a hammer, you might as well swing a traditional hammer for faster easier results.

Another negative is the strike plate while long’ish, isn’t that wide. If you miss the strike plate, which is a possibility, then you’ll crash your fingers or knuckles into the nail. Of which you’ll agree may not be a pleasant experience.

There’s nothing wrong with the built in ruler, but how practical can a less than 5 inch ruler really be? Only you can decide. Again, a small ruler is better than no ruler. But what if you need to measure something longer than 5 inches?

What I would Improve

One main thing that could improve this product would be if they could give this tool the ability to attach a long handle below the grip. Pair this by adding more metal mass behind the top end of the strike plate. This way you can keep this compact as is when needed but provide more effective hammering force when needed with the addition of the long handle. Also would be cool to see built in storage for screwdriving bits. Just my two cents.


From the images, it does look well built and looks like a quality product. The craftsmanship looks good and you can tell this product was made with love. The addition of the hex bit driver, dual nail pull, and bottle opener are excellent and very practical additions.

Hammer Fist

  • • Multiple stainless-steel strike faces allows for multiple angles of strikes depending on the situation
  • • Non-marring mallet – when you don’t want to damage softer materials
  • • Universal adaptive comfort grip with multi-textured “sure grip” to keep grip tight when wet. Children and elderly can grip with comfort and ease.
  • • Compact size – allows for use in tight spaces where typical hammers could only dream of going. Also, it fits in a glove box and will never jam up your kitchen drawer
  • • Strong – fully steel reinforced internal frame, chemical resistant plastic body with rubberized/textured adaptive grip for a secure grip with all hand sizes
  • • Dual nail pulls – depending on the situation, dual directional nail pulls work for every size nail head. Fulcrum helps pull nails seamlessly without leaving marks
  • • Universal rulers (SAE/metric) for quick measurements
  • • 90-degree square helps for quick squaring
  • • Hex slot for expanding ¼” hex bits
  • • And, a bottle opener

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