Get Clutter Under Control: 10 Quick and Painless Places to Start Decluttering

Say farewell to the chaos of clutter and embrace a serene and organized living space with our expert decluttering tips. Discover 10 quick and easy places to start decluttering that will kick-start your journey toward a clutter-free life. Let’s get started!

Start with SUE

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The best place to start decluttering is always with SUE: small, unemotional, and easy categories or spaces. Starting with SUE spaces will help you build momentum during the decluttering process and grow your decluttering muscles so you can eventually tackle even the hardest clutter. Keep reading to find out some of the best SUE spaces to start decluttering.

1. Trash

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Begin your decluttering journey by tackling the easiest and fastest place to start – the trash. Empty those overflowing bins, dispose of expired items, and swiftly get rid of unnecessary paper clutter, freeing up valuable space instantly.

The Biggest Decluttering Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

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This common sorting mistake can completely derail your decluttering progress. Find out the mistake you’re probably making without realizing and what to do instead.

2. Socks

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Sorting through your sock drawer may seem like a small task, but it’s a quick win in decluttering. Match up pairs, discard worn-out or mismatched socks, and neatly organize the remaining ones. You’ll not only save time searching for matching socks in the future but also create a tidier drawer.

3. Underwear

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Image Credit: Shutterstock.Refresh your underwear drawer by decluttering old or ill-fitting undergarments. Discard any worn-out or damaged items, and donate the ones you no longer wear or need. This simple act will streamline your morning routine and make selecting the perfect pair a breeze.

4. Outside of Your Fridge

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Take a few minutes to declutter the outside of your fridge, removing outdated magnets, old notes, and expired coupons. A clean and clutter-free fridge surface instantly brings a sense of order to your kitchen and creates a more inviting atmosphere.

Popular Decluttering, Organizing, and Minimalist Trends People Can’t Stand

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It’s no secret that many people are looking for any way to declutter their lives, and for most, that starts with their homes. There are countless methods to declutter, organize, and embrace a minimalist lifestyle, but not all are respected by the general public. Recently, decluttering experts met in an online discussion to reveal the trends they wish would go away forever.

5. Utensil Drawer

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Streamline your meal preparation by decluttering your utensil drawer. Remove any duplicates or utensils you rarely use, keeping only the essential ones. Arrange them neatly and enjoy the ease of finding the right tool for your culinary adventures.

6. Mugs

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Clear out the clutter in your mug collection by letting go of the ones you rarely use or have accumulated over time. Donate or repurpose them, keeping only the mugs that truly bring you joy. Your cupboard will have more space, and your morning coffee routine will be simplified.

One Question Keeping Your Home Cluttered

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It’s true! Asking yourself this one question could be keeping your home cluttered. Learn what that question is and how simply rewording it can mean the difference between struggling with clutter and finally becoming clutter-free:

7. Junk Drawer

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Tackle the infamous junk drawer, filled with random odds and ends. Dedicate a few minutes to sorting through its contents, discarding expired items, organizing loose items into designated containers, and reclaiming the functionality of this often-neglected space.

8. Top of Your Nightstand

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Start and end your day with a clutter-free mind by decluttering the top of your nightstand. Clear away any accumulated items, return them to their proper places, or find new storage solutions. Creating a serene and organized space will enhance your sleep quality and morning routine.

Declutter Your Home Quickly: 10 Easy Ways to Simplify

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stuff and wondering how to purge your home, we’ve got you covered. Starting to declutter and simplify your life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Promise! Here are 10 easy ways to get started and create a happy, organized life.

9. Bathroom Counter

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Reclaim your bathroom counter by decluttering unnecessary items such as expired beauty products, old medications, or unused toiletries. Keep only the essentials neatly displayed, making your morning and evening rituals more efficient and enjoyable.

10. Pens and Markers

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Take control of your writing implements by decluttering your pen and marker collection. Discard dried-out or non-functional ones, and keep only the ones you regularly use. An organized and efficient pen collection will make writing tasks a breeze.

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