Essential Accessories for Your Custom Closet

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to closets – that’s why we’ve spent the past thirty years bringing customizable storage solutions to our customers. But with so many options to choose from, where should one even begin?

More Space Place understands, which is why we’ve asked our experts to compile this list of their favorite closet accessories. Read on to find which would work best for you!
Sliding Shelves
Great for: Closets with displayable items

Sliding shelves are an awesome option to both store and display clothing items. Clothes, shoes, or other accessories stay tucked away out of sight when not in use but can be quickly located and retrieved when the need arises. For the clothing connoisseur with a wardrobe worth showing up, sliding shelves are the way to go.
Soft-Close Drawers
Great for: Closets for children and teenagers

Soft-close drawers make a magnificent addition to any closet – especially in closets for children or teenagers. Soft-closing drawers glide gently along smooth metal tracks until reaching a mechanism that slowly pulls the drawer closed. In addition to noise-reduction benefits, soft-close drawers also help to extend the life of dressers and wardrobes while preventing painful finger-pinching. 
Wardrobe Lifts
Great for: Closets with high ceilings

Adjustable wardrobe lifts allow homeowners to maximize hard-to-reach spaces in high-ceilinged closets. Pull-down rods give users access to hanging clothes, which can be especially useful for families with large quantities of delicate clothing that needs to be hung (silk, satin, cotton, lace).
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