Edie Parker Founder Brett Heyman Makes Smokeware That Masquerade As Vibrant Decor

Plus a pie candle, a porcelain baguette, and other trompe l’oeil food items she loves.

For Brett Heyman, founder of Edie Parker, expanding her brand from handbags to THC products and cannabis accessories wasn’t a far-fetched idea. "Our original acrylic bags function well as decor—like, they would be on peoples’ vanities and would be used for storage—so it made a lot of sense to launch a home line," says Heyman. Under the Edie Parker Flower banner, design-minded weed enthusiasts can find the likes of glass pipes shaped like fruits, vintage-inspired lighters that nest in a matching ashtray, and rolling papers with adorable flowers printed on them. The glassware is particularly clever and it doubles as cheeky decor for the uninitiated—one of the latest pipe designs is of a fried egg where the weed is packed into the yolk and the user inhales from the clear "white" of the egg. The chamber fills up with smoke, making the egg appear cartoon-ish with every puff.


Entering the smokeware space was a natural evolution for the California-raised Heyman, who, along with most of her staff of eight to 10 women, happen to be casual cannabis users. The accessories, though, can be used as casually or as frequently as the indivdiual likes. "I'm a pleasure smoker. I don't smoke for anxiety or medicinal purposes. I smoke because I like it for sex. I smoke because I like it for sleep. That's where I'm at," Heyman says of how she likes to incorporate marijuana into her everyday lifestyle. 

In turn, what Heyman felt was missing from the marketplace was a line of beautiful, feminine, and playful smoke accessories that aren’t meant to be hidden in the back of a drawer or tucked away into a box like a shameful secret. "I've been working in cannabis since 2019 and people will still be like, ‘What do you tell your kids?’ And I say, ‘What do you mean? I’m of age, it's legal, and it's a plant.’ Making beautiful accessories and respecting the ceremony of cannabis all goes towards normalization. I think it's important and I'm just very excited about it."

Heyman’s interior design style, similar to her aesthetic and overall brand, is colorful and eclectic, but balanced out by timelessness. "Going from room to room, you could be like, ‘Oh, she's a minimalist,’ or ‘Oh, she's insane and a maximalist,’" says Heyman, of the NYC apartment that she’s been living in for 14 years (she first moved in without children; now she’s a mom of three). "My personal style and my home style has really evolved as a mom but, in general, our brand ethos is ‘For a good time’ and I feel like that's my apartment too," she says of the trinkets that elevate her living space. 

Some of Heyman’s favorite home recommendations include trompe l’oeil food items for laughs, cheese boards and wine glasses for hosting, and a Gwyneth Paltrow-approved tape dispenser for making office work more fun. "I love things that are frivolous that make you smile because ultimately these are all luxuries, right? It’s nothing we need. For me, if I'm going to buy a luxury, I really want it to be joyful."

John Derian Company Cereria Introna Candles

John Derian Company Cereria Introna Crostata Frutta Candle


Cereria Introna has been producing candles in Italy since 1840. Passed down through six generations, the company has expanded to include candles for every type of occasion, and taste. These guilt free sweets, breads, cheeses and spirits are made from natural paraffin wax and 100% cotton wicks.

"I have been obsessed with Introna candles for as long as I can remember. Full disclosure, I love trompe l’oeil food items. A lot. I keep a big fruitcake candle in my dining room as a centerpiece and a large challah on my desk. I almost never burn them because I get so sad when they’re gone!"

Augarten Wien French Baguette Porcelain Box

Augarten Wien French Baguette Porcelain Box


The collections porcelain and china at Augarten Wien contain the most delicate, whimsical and enchanting of pieces. This realistic 'French Baguette' box will effortlessly add character, from table to dresser. Use it to serve butter or jam at your next dinner party, or stylishly stash sugar, candies, and mints in this food-inspired porcelain box.

"As I was saying about trompe l’oeil food items…"

Klatso For Moda Domus Amalfi Embroidered Raffia Tray

Klatso For Moda Domus Amalfi Embroidered Raffia Tray


Because our love of style doesn’t end with our closets, Lauren Santo Domingo designed and developed our in-house homeware label Moda Domus—they’re all pieces you would find in her home. This season, we've teamed up with Colombian tabletop and home decor designer, Klatso to handcraft this 'Amalfi' tray woven from natural iraca palm. Set it in the center of the room filled with everything from candles, to coffee table books and seasonal trinkets.

"I live on the East Coast so entertaining in the winter is strictly indoors. But when summer comes I love to eat outside and nothing feels more summery than raffia accessories."

(Note: This specific iteration is currently sold out, but there are other options available here.)

Matilda Goad & Co Cutlery

Matilda Goad & Co Cutlery Set


Designed to refresh your tabletop with a pop of colour, this is our take on traditional tableware.

"This is my favorite cutlery. I mix and match all the colors."

AERIN Franco Cheese Board

AERIN Franco Cheese Board


Minimal and sophisticated, this beautiful cheese board in sleek white marble, accentuated with tubular brass handles, is a stylish addition to a tabletop. A classic piece, it is hugely versatile, working perfectly for everyday use as well as for entertaining.

"I eat a concerning amount of cheese. Whether I’m entertaining or by myself watching Bravo, I like a board. I like the ceremony of plating and enjoying."

Nickey Kehoe La Soufflerie Wine Glass

Nickey Kehoe La Soufflerie Wine Glass


Footed wine glass from family owned Parisian glass studio, La Soufflerie. Each piece is individually formed from recycled glass and subtle variations in size, color and texture are to be expected and celebrated. La Soufflerie is a non-profit glass blowing organization created by wife and husband team, Valentina and Sébastien Nobile, dedicated to teaching and continuing the fine art of glassblowing and mold making Measures approximately 5" H. Dishwasher safe.

"To wash down the cheese!"

Sir Madam Modernist Desk Tape Dispenser

Sir Madam Modernist Desk Tape Dispenser


We subscribe to the notion that every item should justify its place in your life. Take this pretty little tape dispenser, for example. Equal parts objet d’art and functional household item, it’s made in India with a beautiful brass-plated finish that’ll earn pride of place in your office space.

"I love when an everyday item is elevated in an unnecessary but completely compelling way. Case in point: This is my favorite item on the desk."

Sticky Glass x Edie Parker Double Bubble Pipe

Sticky Glass x Edie Parker Double Bubble Pipe


Blow bubbles! Double your bubble with twice the impact and put some color into your next smoke break. Taking a break from smoking? Just lay this piece on your table top for a casual work of pop art. Our latest collaboration with Brooklyn-based glass artist Sticky Glass, is a collection of super-sized pipes and ashtrays that will surely blow your buds away. This collab takes Sticky Glass’ signature bubble-like forms and elevates them on a "higher" level, with a Weedie Parker spin. Together, we've created smokable art using pops of vibrant and juicy colors. All pieces are hand blown, one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Edie Parker.

"I love decor items that are also functional like this pipe we made with the Brooklyn-based glass artist Sticky Glass."

Il Buco Ceramic Radishes or Ceramic Sardines 

Il Buco Ceramic Radishes


Made in the Marche by Antonello Radi in collaboration with local artisans. Approximate Dimensions 14 cm L x 4 cm W x 4 cm.

Il Buco Ceramic Sardines


Sold individually! Handcrafted in Umbria by Vita co-founder and Artist, Antonello Radi.

"For no function other than joy."

Paul Arnhold Glassware

Paul Arnhold Forest Green Glitter Wavy Vase


This one of a kind forest green wavy vase features speckles of glitter and is accented with green spots. Each glass vessel is carefully hand blown and shaped. This piece stands artfully on its own or can be dressed with flowers. 5.5 D x 5.5 W x 6 H inches

"My house is filled with Paul Arnhold glasses. He is a dear friend and collaborator and I am obsessed with his colorful hand-blown items."

Edie Parker Custom Initials Tabletop Lighter

Edie Parker Custom Initials Tabletop Lighter


Inspired by vintage table lighters of the past, this piece will spark more than just conversation! This cleverly designed acrylic lighter comes nestled inside its own matching ashtray - because that's how we roll. Make it yours by engraving your initials and customizing the color. This product comes with a period inlaid between the two letters (Not shown in image rendering).

"Personalized home items are the best. This tabletop lighter has a torch flame. Even if all you do is light up candles, it's incredibly useful and great looking."

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