Dealing With Kitchen Appliance Clutter

Has your kitchen slowly filled with clutter? From food processors to ice cream makers, toasters to pasta machines, your countertops are becoming more and more crowded.

It’s easy for a kitchen to become inundated with appliances, even though you may actually need those appliances from time-to-time. You can’t put them away, but you also don’t use them often. So, what do you do?
Add Shelving to Other Walls 
Don’t just rely on your existing shelves. Consider adding shelf space to walls or create a baker’s corner in your kitchen pantry. If you have some fancy appliances, why not put them on display? By adding wall shelving, you can free up your counter space for your actual cooking. 
Creating Dedicated Spaces for Your Appliances
Don’t just toss those appliances back anywhere. That’s how your kitchen ends up cluttered. When you clean up your kitchen, make sure everything goes back into its own space. 
Go To the Ceilings
A lot of people refrain from using tall shelves because they can’t reach them. Instead of ignoring the space up high, install shelving and cabinets to the ceiling. A small stool can be stowed out of sight or you can even find pulldown shelves. Rarely used appliances can be tucked away and be safely pulled down when needed.
Hang Appliances on the Walls
If you have lighter, smaller appliances, consider hanging them along the walls or under the counters instead of on counters. A series of hooks can make it easy to manage things like small handheld blenders or mixer attachments, without using drawer space.
Consider Consolidating
A single stand mixer can take the role of many things in your kitchen, such as a pasta maker. If your appliances have grown out of control, try finding or using appliances that fulfill multiple roles or uses. 
Don’t Forget that Corner Cabinet
Many people forget their corner cabinet even exists because it’s so difficult to access. But with a little Lazy Susan in there, you gain far more usable space. Simply spin it to access multiple small appliances. Lazy Susans work best with specific cabinetry designed for corner units. 
Take a Visit to the Islands
A kitchen island can be placed into many kitchens for additional counter space and additional storage space. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider a rolling cart: you can move it against a wall when not in use.

There’s a lot of hidden space in a kitchen, and that hidden space is the perfect area to store all of your appliances. For more information to make your kitchen pantry more efficient, contact your local Closet & Storage Concepts team.
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