Buy a Bed with Built-In Storage and You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Upgrade Sooner

Making the most of the space in your home can be harder than you think. Balancing attractive interior decor with function to create a space which is enjoyable to live in takes know-how. This is especially relevant in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, namely the lounge, kitchen and, perhaps most importantly, your bedroom. To maximize space and minimize clutter in your bedroom, the best idea is to invest in a storage bed.

Storage beds allow you to use this essential room item for dual purposes. In addition to being your place of rest, these intelligently designed beds let you keep items tucked away underneath or in built-in storage spaces, delivering a smarter and stress-relieving approach to a bedroom setup. These beds are especially useful for households where space is at a premium. 

When it comes to picking the best storage bed for you, think about whether you want to store things out of the way for long periods, on display or in some kind of combination of the two. There are storage beds which include a whole mattress-size space underneath, others with built-in shelves or drawers and some that feature both.

Below, you’ll find 12 of the best storage bed options available for you and your family. Take a scroll through and find the right choice to declutter your bedroom.

1. Orren Ellis King Black Corso Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


The Orren Ellis King Black Corso Upholstered Storage Platform Bed boasts 4.9 out of 5 stars on Wayfair from users who simply love their new bed. In addition to looking great, this faux-leather, wood-framed bed includes a mattress-sized storage space underneath. This space is accessed using the built-in, gas-lift system. The black color of the frame gives this bed a versatility which can blend in with a number of home decor styles.

best storage beds king black corso upholstered



2. Step One Full Platform Bed with Drawers


The Step One Full Platform Bed with Drawers proves that storage beds don’t have to be an expensive investment. This stylish piece of furniture is available in three different color options and includes three individual drawers which can be fitted on either side of the bed to allow the piece to be placed against a wall. The bed also includes slats, which prevent the need for a box spring underneath.

best storage beds step one full platform


3. Schreffler Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


If you’re looking for additional storage space that’s quick and easy to access, consider the Schreffler Upholstered Storage Platform Bed. This attractive furniture piece sports a large, cushioned ottoman attached to the foot, providing convenient storage and a handy seating space all in one. The dark gray upholstery delivers versatility, which blends in with a range of bedroom decor choices, while the strong wooden support slats negate the need for a box spring.

best storage beds schreffler upholstered


4. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed


It’s likely you’ve considered just how much wasted space exists inside a box spring which could be used for storage instead, and the DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed proves the theory. Underneath this lift-up mattress, you’ll find a mattress-sized storage space which can be used for all kinds of items. It’s an ideal space for seasonal clothes or things you’d prefer to remain out of sight. The gas lift system minimizes the amount of effort required to lift the mattress. Additionally, you can choose from a number of different colors for the exterior to ensure your bed suits the room decor.

best storage beds dhp cambridge upholstered


5. Karan Twin Platform Bed with Shelves


The Karan Twin Platform Bed with Shelves keeps things simple. The design includes six built-in storage spaces, three on either side of the bed. These open spaces can be used for storing extra sheets, clothes or books. Alternatively, they could even be used for displaying some of your favorite things. The manufactured wood construction means this bed doesn’t require a box spring, while the short feet raise the whole bed off the floor slightly for easier access during cleaning. This bed is a great option for guest rooms, limited-space apartments and college dorms for students with plenty of books to store.

best storage beds karan twin platform


6. Novogratz Kelly Bed


If you want a mattress-sized amount of storage in your bed but prefer it to be broken down into drawer-sized compartments, the Novogratz Kelly Bed fits the bill. This attractive storage bed sports four built-in drawers which provide plenty of storage space for bedding, clothes and household items. The thin headboard allows you to mount the bed close to the wall without taking up vital floor space, making this a great choice for space-limited rooms.

best storage beds dark gray kelly upholstered


7. Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed


Why should adults get all the storage space? By giving your child this Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed, you’ll be providing them with a cool place to sleep along with plenty of storage space to boot. This attractive bed includes two shelves, three drawers and an additional space behind the built-in ladder which can be used as a fun crawl space for imagination play. The bed is available in either white or gray and fits a twin mattress.

best storage beds donco kids louver modular low soft

Buy: Donco Kids Louver Modular Low Loft Bed $483.83


8. Birch Lane Heritage Ercole Full Mate’s & Captain’s Bed


When it comes to the number of storage spaces built in, the Birch Lane Heritage Ercole Full Mate’s & Captain’s Bed is hard to beat. This box spring-free bed is made from solid wood and includes six individual drawers and a small cupboard in the design. In addition, the large headboard features five storage compartments which can be used for storage, displaying your favorite items or a mixture of both.

best storage beds ercole full mates captains


9. Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed


Another compartment-filled option is the Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed. The design includes six drawers, four shelves and three compartments with doors. You’ll also find two pull-out shelves that also function as bedside tables for each occupant. The bed frame is made from MDF CARB certified wood and sports leather handles on the drawers. Furthermore, the bed is available in twin, king and queen sizes as well as either caramel or off-white color options.

best storage beds memomad bali

Buy: Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed $769.00


10. Coaster Home Furnishings Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed


If you like the idea of having all your favorite reads within reach, consider the Coaster Home Furnishings Hillary Queen Bookcase Bed. In addition to its classy, all-wood appearance, you’ll find an impressive amount of storage space included. There are six in-bed drawers along with shelves built into the headboard. Plus, there is also display space on top of the headboard itself. Finally, the warm brown color completes the classic library feel.

best storage beds coaster home furnishings hillary

Buy: Coaster Home Furnishings Bookcase Bed $1,249.95


11. Jacoby Storage Platform Bed


As the Jacoby Storage Platform Bed is made from solid wood, no two pieces have exactly the same appearance, giving you a truly unique place to sleep. The low-level, minimalist style bed oozes sophistication. The design is beautifully balanced with function, as the piece includes two hidden drawers in the far end to hold bedding, clothes or other belongings. The bed’s wide edging and low headboard further add to the classy feel while increasing the amount of surface space for keeping books, phones and other trinkets on show should you wish.

best storage beds jacoby platform


12. Beachcrest Home Navarro Storage Murphy Bed


If space is at a premium in your home, why not invest in a Murphy bed? The Beachcrest Home Navarro Storage Murphy Bed folds up into the wall unit to give a wardrobe-like appearance. You’ll also find a built-in bookshelf which further adds to your available storage space. This space-saving storage bed is ideal for guest rooms and comes in a choice of white, bark gray and chocolate.

best storage beds navarro murphy


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