Adult Loft Beds Are Real and They’re Amazing For Saving Space: Check Out Our Favorite


Do you want to turn your beds into bunk beds so there is more room for activities? Well, it isn’t only a dream in the world of Step Brothers. It’s finally time to save space in your bedroom and transform your bed into a high -rise adult loft bed to make room for your desk, workout equipment, dresser and more — because bunk beds don’t have to be for kids.

While some might find adult loft beds a bit juvenile, any adult living in a large city will know that bedroom space is a bit of a luxury. Full-fledged adults living in cities like New York, Tokyo, London, Chicago and many more are choosing to heighten their sleep by lofting their beds to make space for the rest of their furniture. Considering that city apartments typically have higher ceilings to begin with, adult loft beds don’t make you feel like you’re being crammed up against your ceiling either. Adult loft beds also come in a range of sizes to ensure you won’t have to buy a new mattress either.

Worried about your weight? You might have heard in the past that most bunk beds can only handle a certain amount of weight. While this is true, adult loft beds are made to hold a hell of a lot more than your average kids’ bunk bed. You’ll feel totally safe climbing up and laying down. Shuteye will quite literally come as naturally as it does without even lofting.

If you’re at all interested in lofting your bed to save some space in your bedroom, note that if you’re even thinking about it, it’s the right choice. You can’t part ways with your furniture and you simply do not have enough space with your bed taking up as much room as it does, so it’s finally time to make the purchase.

Read on and check out the best adult loft beds money can buy in 2020 and figure out which is best for your needs.


1. Walker Edison Furniture Modern Loft Bed


Accommodate your space in any which way you need with the Walker Edison Furniture modern loft bed. This durable full loft is 71 inches high and can fit an entire full-sized mattress with ease. There isn’t a box spring needed to get this baby up and running which will save you tons of time and money. The loft bed is quite minimalistic and doesn’t offer any method of storage, but has more than enough room to fit a dresser and desk or an entire bedroom leisure setup without a problem. There are ladders at the head and foot of the bed so you can easily get up and the bed can support a full 250 with ease. Your space a little too small for a full? No worries, this baby comes in a few different sizes including a couple of twin options.

Buy: Walker Edison Furniture Modern Loft Bed $259.98


2. IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that IKEA has an excellent loft bed option for small spaces. This full loft bed, like our prior pick, takes quite a minimalist approach and creates tons of room for whatever your heart desires underneath. It’s made of solid wood, so it’s totally durable and will keep you feeling safe up top. The ladder can be mounted onto the bed on either the right or left side depending on your liking. The best part is that because it is from IKEA, you can have somebody come and set it up for you for a little bit of an extra cost. If you’ve ever tried setting up anything from IKEA in the past, you’ll know damn well how handy that can be.




3. Hillsdale Furniture Full Highlands Loft Bed White


Take the modern loft bed up a notch by adding this attached dresser to the mix. This pristine white loft bed will surely brighten up your room and leave your space looking clean even when it isn’t. If you typically only use your closet and are running out of storage space, this is a great option to snag due to the fact that it comes with a handy dresser. On top of the dresser, there are two shelves for decoration or more storage. Kids and adults alike will love this space-saving sleeper.


Hillsdale Furniture Full Highlands Loft Bed White


4. MERITLINE Twin Bunk Bed


If you’re looking for a solid twin bed option for a guest bedroom in the house, look no further than this twin bunk bed from MERITLINE. It has quite the unique set up by giving us a classic top bunk and an unusual yet creative lower bunk pushed to one side. At the bottom, you can also find shelving options for decoration and storage as well as a small desk for working. The top bunk can hold up to around 220 lbs so it’s a stellar option for adults. This is quite the clean option to have in the house and great to have if you rent your home out from time to time on Airbnb to get that extra bed space in your listing.

Buy: MERITLINE Twin Bunk Bed $554.99


5. Wayfair Asten Twin Platform


Storage, storage, storage. If you’re willing to ditch the open space underneath for a slew of storage that will allow you to fit just about anything you could possibly need, check out this twin platform loft bed from Wayfair. This twin bed option is more or less geared towards kids, but we love this as a loft bed for adults for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, it can hold up to 250 lbs, so you will feel safe up top no matter what. Also, it rids the need for a desk, dresser or closet in your room. The bed has a tiny desk with a retractable desk which is great for those currently working from home. Also, it has four large drawers in the front to hold socks, underwear, jeans and tees. Right next to the drawers, there are two doors that open into a half-closet as well as a secret hideout. Choose to make it your secret Netflix den or simply use it as a sort of walk-in-closet or storage space. It’s up to you!


Wayfair Asten Twin Platform




The only issue we can think of in terms of our previous pick is that for some, it could be a bit too bulky. Something about choosing to get rid of the open space underneath falls a little flat when trying to save space. So, if you like our prior pick but can’t do without the open space, check out this twin loft from IKEA. This sleek loft bed is an excellent option for adults living in small spaces. It comes with a matching desk that you can choose to remove entirely from the space as well as numerous cubbies and a small closet to keep your things. It only takes up 21.5 square feet of space in total, so it really is the space saver you’re looking for. While this is geared toward children, it’s still totally suitable for most adults.




7. West Elm Mid-Century Loft Bed


Maybe you don’t need all of the storage space in the world. If you’re just looking to add a little extra space under your bed but still want to include a desk in the mix, check out this mid-century loft from West Elm. This baby is as timeless as it gets and is made with sustainably sourced wood that’s kiln-dried to keep this guy sturdy and safe. It fits a full-sized bed with ease and doesn’t need a box spring. Keep your room looking stylish, cozy and modern with this handsome option.


West Elm Mid-Century Loft Bed


8. SCANICA Stairway Full Loft Bed


Most loft beds come with ladders. While that’s fine for kids, some of us adults using loft beds would rather do, well, just about anything else before having to climb a ladder. Behold: an adult loft bed with stairs. Yes, stairs. Climb up in safety with this loft bed you essentially can’t have any accidents on because you won’t ever slip off a ladder again! Here’s where it gets crazy — each step is a drawer made for storage, so you can choose to store just about anything you want inside. How’s that for a two-for-one?

Buy: SCANICA Stairway Full Loft Bed $1,099.95


9. Casa Collection Urbano King Loft Bed


Step it up with this massive space-saving king long bed fully equipped with everything you could ever need. The bed features interior and exterior closet space to fully transform your bedroom into something more functional than what you signed up for. The bed comes with two sets of stairs on either side that both have drawers for storage, which is perfect for couples. There are nightstands on either side as well so you can place your phone, a lamp and other knickknacks you might need at your bedside. Underneath, there is a MASSIVE closet area with numerous cubbies and drawers for safekeeping. There are even two closets in total, so again, couples sharing the space can each have one. The Urbano is perfect for any couple living in a small space and will fully modernize your current bedroom tremendously.


Casa Collection Urbano King Loft Bed
Price Upon Request


10. Francis Lofts & Bunks California King Loft Bed


Go above and beyond (if you have space) and splurge on this massive California king perfect for saving space and living luxuriously at the same time. This bed will give you all the space in the world when sleeping and keep your lower level bedless so you can throw all kinds of furniture underneath. It’s excellent for studio apartments, condos, couples and not to mention, tall people. This bed can safely hold up to 2,000 lbs, so you will be safe even you’re chilling up there with your fridge.


Francis Lofts & Bunks California King Loft Bed


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