7 of the Best IKEA Wall Shelves to Buy

IKEA is the place to shop for affordable shelves!

Every home has shelves that feature their favorite items – whether it’s books, memorable knick-knacks, family photos, and so much more. Hang around for a bit and check out these highly-rated IKEA wall shelves that can not only hold your memories, but all your favorite possessions, too!

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Here are our top picks for highly-rated IKEA shelves: 1. SVENSHULT Wall shelf with storage

Price | $29.99

This unique shelf will add a pop of color to your walls while providing storage. It can also double as artwork and a way to showcase your creative side.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Can be mounted a variety of different ways Ability to create patterns Ample space to store belongings Two wood shelves Colorful red mesh net Even enough to store mugs, books, and decorations Net will fit cords through it Easily and conveniently charge electronics on it Can be spray painted to match other decor Substantial max weights Maximum load – 35 pounds Maximum load/shelf – 15 pounds Maximum load/compartment – 4 pounds
Cons that some reviews want you to consider:
Difficult to assemble on your own
“I installed this shelf on our garage wall near the power outlet so I can store my radio and electric lawn mower recharger. The mower recharger cord rests on the u-shaped shelf and is easily accessible. Plus, it keeps these essential tools off my workbench and close to the power source. Not to mention it looks cool – better than a boring set of shelves.

If I were to purchase a second unit, I would assemble it first and then install on the wall – I suggest this approach instead of instructions.”

– Dan
2. SKOGSTA Wall shelf 

Price | $39

Whether your home is full of rustic charm or all the modern industrial your heart desires, this shelf will fit seamlessly in any space. And while it will create a warm focal point on a wall, it also adds a modern touch with its clean lines.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Durable and natural shelf Made of solid wood Goes with many different home decors Seamless design Uses concealed hardware when mounted to a wall Pre-treated with hard wax oil Maximum load capacity – 44 pounds 9″ Deep so it can fit slightly, larger decor
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
According to IKEA customer service, traces of formaldehyde can be found in this product as it is a naturally occurring substance, however, they do not add formaldehyde to the products – some reviewers don’t like this. Had to drill their own holes to mount to the wall.
“I have had this shelf in our kitchen for 4 years holding up coffee, snacks, mugs, and other stuff over our coffee station. We screwed some hooks for the mugs into the underside (it’s mounted like a stylized r) and the oiled acacia behind them looks beautiful. Plus, it’s been very easy to wipe clean and I just occasionally re-oil to keep it looking beautiful.” 

– Allie
3. LACK Wall shelf unit

Price | $59.99

If you need something stylish, minimal and with ample storage space for your wall, this LACK wall unit is just what you need! Plus, I absolutely love that it can be hung either vertically or horizontally!

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Can be hung vertically or horizontally Comes in a variety of neutral colors White, black/brown, white stained oak effect Great for tight spaces and small, unused walls Substantial max weights Horizontal hanging position – 55 pounds Vertical hanging position – 6 pounds per shelf
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
Hardware is not included Should be secured to studs to support weight properly
“I have purchased two of these LACK shelves now and love them! One was for my son’s CrossFit gym, which we hung horizontally, for members to use as cubbies and even to place larger items like their gym bags. Just recently, I bought another one to place next to a desk in my granddaughter’s room – it completed the look with floating shelves and works perfectly.” 

– Sandy
4. EKBY ALEX Shelf with drawers

Price | $49.99

Shelves that can be way more than just a space to display your favorite books, this shelf can be your next office desk, vanity space, or a beautiful extension of furniture that hangs seamlessly on your wall.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Versatile usage Two drawers to hide things you don’t want to be seen Works as a shelf to display things you do want to be seen Interior drawer stops Keep drawers from coming out too far Very functional Can be used as a desk Can be used as a vanity Can be used as just a shelf Maximum load capacity – 44 pounds Brackets available in two different colors (sold separately) Black Birch
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
Drawers are small and narrow which will only hold small, flat items like pencils, scissors, etc. They don’t come with brackets for mounting
“Sometimes you just need a minimal setup to keep your life organized. I bought this desk for my daughter to use as a vanity since she just has a small space available in her closet. So far she loves it and it’s so nice that this shelf created her own little space. We anchored it to the wall to keep it steady and added IKEA pegboards as an additional display surface and easy access to beauty products. Perfect combination!” 

– Morgan
5. LACK Wall shelf

Price | $29.99

Sleek and super minimal, this timeless staple piece from IKEA is one you can put all of your favorite home decor and accessories on. Your guests will never know that it’s just under thirty dollars!

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Seamless design Uses concealed hardware when mounted to a wall Hidden suspension brackets are included Comes in two color options White Black/brown Clean and minimal design Will go with any home decor style Deep shelves allow for ample storage
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
Shelves tilt forward if not installed properly Faulty hanging brackets Had to drill their own holes for proper installation
“This item looks like a high-end quality shelf and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s narrow enough for a hallway but wide enough to use for art display, purse, keys, and whatever else I can think of to put on it. You would never guess it cost just $30. Mine had two tiny white spots on it but a magic marker fixed that instantly – I love this shelf so much!”

– Barbara
6. FLYSTA Shelf unit

Price | $49.99

Need more than just a shelf on a wall? This entire set of cubbies is the perfect shelf to store everything you need. Whether you want to hide it away in some storage cubes or leave it on the shelf for display, this unit is just what your home needs!

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Great shelving unit for compact living Can be placed two different ways Horizontally or vertically Can be used with or without storage boxes Multiple storage boxes to choose from Ample space for storage
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
Received product with missing parts
“I have large closets so I wanted some shelving to use the space better. We chose this as an upgrade from those fabric shelves that hang down from the closet rod. My husband now uses this and not only does it look much better, but it’s much more functional. My husband found it easiest to use a rubber mallet to assemble it without any issues however, it seems really sturdy compared to other cubby shelves we’ve used in the past.” 

– Molly
7. FLISAT wall storage

Price | $14.99

If you’re looking to feature some of your favorite books, this shelf is the perfect way to display them. And if you have a baby on the way, it will definitely make for a great keepsake corner in their new room.

Here are some other reasons you’ll love it:
Durable Made of solid wood Timeless and clean style Can be stained or painted to match any decor Easily accessible for children to grab books if installed low enough It can be used with other products in the FLISAT series Can store small knick-knacks and books
Cons that some reviewers want you to consider:
Missing parts upon delivery Quality control is poor and wood seems completely different in color and texture than previous orders
“We bought 2 of these wall storage shelves for our kid’s rooms and it was easy to install, great quality, and very sturdy – the kids love them! Each shelf carries up to 16 regular children’s books and I appreciate the plain natural wood color which enabled us to paint them to match their rooms. The only thing I would recommend to IKEA for next time is to provide the screw for the walls because my husband had to go to Home Depot to buy this separately since this package does not provide the screws for the wall. Overall, our whole family is satisfied with my purchase!” 

– Diane

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