51 Marble And Faux Marble Coffee Tables That Define Elegance

A marble coffee table may be just what your living room has been craving. But with numerous options like edgy square coffee tables, space-saving nesting tables, and sleek glass options, why choose marble? Marble is a timeless and luxurious material that exuberates elegance, class, and timelessness. Plus each slab offers its own unique pattern of veiningmaking every piece one-of-a-kind. We explore a variety of designs in our collection, starting with genuine marble tables and transitioning to budget-friendly faux marble. So whether youre looking for the real deal or a convincing look-alike, our expertly curated collection is the place to be. Welcome!

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Round Genuine Marble Coffee Table With Gold Base: In case marble isnt elegant enough, pair it with a bit of gold and youve got an potently luxurious combo. This eye-catching round coffee table features a genuine marble top perched upon a glamorous gold metal baseif its mix of material doesnt turn a few heads, its unusual shape is sure to.

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Round Marble Top Coffee Table With Lip: A small lip gives this simplistic coffee table an extra touch of intrigue, while its dark wooden legs effortlessly contrast the Carrara Italian marble top. An effortless merge of classic design and modern decorative style.

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Rectangular Marble & Wood Coffee Table: A cool slab of marble adds instant charm to this warm wood coffee table. Its simple, yet captivating, design isnt the only thing to note here though since it also features a lift-top that acts as an elevated table top that reveals hidden storage. Working from the couch just got a whole lot easier!

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Modern Rectangular Marble Coffee Table With Geometric Base: This marble coffee table keeps things simple, but it is anything but boring. The sharp angles and clean lines of the rose gold geometric base breathe plenty of life into this option, while its rectangular marble top ensures a refined aesthetic. A stunning mix of playful and elegant.

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Marble Top Coffee Table With Brass Base: The chunky marble tabletop of this rectangular coffee table offers plenty of room and style. But the handcrafted Carrara marble slab wouldnt be complete without its brass base bound together by matching metal strapsarguably the show stopping feature of this piece.

$850BUY IT

2 Piece Genuine Marble Nesting Coffee Tables: While nesting tables dont always get tooted as a stately choice, these genuine marble nesting coffee tables feel grand and glamorous. Dislike the base color? This design is also available with a Silver base. And no matter which color you choose, the matching nesting end tables pictured are also available.

$1321BUY IT

Modern Marble And Brass Coffee Table: Nothing like a bit of high shine to brighten and lighten your decor! While the design of this brass and marble coffee table is chunky, the high shine brass bases reflective qualities offers a lighter feel to this piece. This luxury option is crafted from high quality materials and built for longevity.

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Box Frame Marble And Gold Coffee Table: A box frame ensures that the design of this rectangular coffee table appeals to minimalists, while its dual color tabletop with a metallic tray offers endless simplistic charm. Available in White/Gold, Black/Gold, or Green/Gold.

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Hay Rebar Black Marble Coffee Table: Our list wouldnt be complete without featuring a stunning black marble coffee table. This triple threat offers rich depth, high shine, and style versatility. A distinct and distinguished coffee table that you dont want to miss. Also available as a rectangular design or as an end table.

$2495BUY IT

Genuine Black Marble Coffee Table: Another black coffee table full of charisma. This table doesnt need an ornate base or fancy bells and whistles to stand out from the crowdits natural white veins are more than enough to capture attention. An ideal piece for those who aspire to simple decor with a big impact or those with a low living room setup.

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Marble Plinth Coffee Table: If you adore the simplicity of our last pick, but werent a fan of the dark color, weve got you covered. This white marble plinth coffee table is up to the task with its light coloring and simple design.

$1750BUY IT

Solid Carrara Marble Coffee Table With Steel Base: The addition of a steel base elevates this table both in height and style. If the intricacy of marble isnt quite enough for your taste or you just need an extra height boost, then this steel base beauty should be a consideration. Each one features its own unique pattern of grey veining.

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Small Sculptural Marble Coffee Table: Rooms both big and small can benefit from a marble table, so if youre confined to tighter quarters, this sculptural piece may be just what you need! Too small to use as a coffee table in your space? It also makes for a stunning side table or a corner podium to highlight a unique accessory.

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Rounded Triangle Marble Coffee Table: The rounded corners of this tabletop soften this black marble coffee tables strong aesthetic. Its raw edge, unfinished marble, and iron legs are just a few reasons why this unique option easily sets itself apart from its competitors.

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Drum Shaped Metal And Marble Coffee Table: Make sure your decor always plays to the beat of its own drum with this metal and marble coffee table. Its drum shape gives it a sleek look that is intensified by its glimmering metallic finish and round marble top.

$1154BUY IT

Modern Round Marble Coffee Table With Brass Base: X marks the spot for a modern table that is overflowing with class. The gold X base combined with an oval slab of marble creates a look fit for anywhere from the Nordic home to the contemporary dwelling. Also available with a Black or Green tabletop.

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Art Deco Style Marble Coffee Table: Nothing like a bit of Art Deco charm to make your living room extra alluring! This gold and marble coffee table is a must if you want a glamorous table that is intricate and eloquent without being overdone.

$799BUY IT

Grey Marble Coffee Table: If you think that a marble coffee table is too refined to meld with industrial spaces, think again. The raw edge, grey coloring, and unpolished metal legs make this option a great fit. Dont have an industrial space? This table is perfect to add a bold and raw quality to any home. Matching end table also available.

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Modern Sculptural Marble Coffee Table: An effortless blend of decorative style and geometric shapes. If functional art is your forte, then this sculptural coffee table should be on your short list. A bold black base and soft white top are minimally separated by a brass partition on this unusual find inspired by Japanese art.

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Marble Top Pedestal Coffee Table With Metal Base: Place you coffee on a pedestal, or perhaps your remotes, or even your feet. This marble top pedestal coffee table that features a bronze base can do all that and moreall while remaining highly stylish.

$899BUY IT

Modern Marble Top Pedestal Coffee Table: This pedestal coffee table trades in the commonly seen metallics for a matte finish that favors a bit more color. The breezy blue base offers a soft hue that harbors a feel of calm and relaxation, but if you prefer something more neutral, it is also available in White.

$720BUY IT

Modern Marble Coffee Table With Sliding Top: This coffee table equipped with a sliding top will be a surefire hit at your next cocktail party. Not only does it make sliding food across the table a breeze, but it is also quite the conversation starter.

$415BUY IT

Box Frame Marble And Metal Coffee Table: This glam table combines clean-lined iron tubing in a copper finish and a white marble top to create a look that is both edgy and elegant. A great choice to hold everything from remotes to appetizers.

$1000BUY IT

Sculptural Rectangular Marble Top Coffee Table: A sculptural coffee table that is overflowing with character. This unusual find features a white marble top and a solid wood base that provide optimal durability and style.

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Modern Rounded Square White Marble Coffee Table: Sometimes you just need a small touch to complete a space. This square coffee table with its rounded corners keeps simplicity in mind, while still keeping the ability to anchor a room and provide functionality. A timeless piece that would do well in Nordic or Modern homes.

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Modern Rounded Rectangular Black Marble Coffee Table: And if black reflects your decor style better, this Nordic beauty is also available with a black marble top and walnut stained base.

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Circle Black Marble Coffee Table: While we have seen quite a few coffee tables that use gold to great effect, the contrast that the black marble top provides on this one makes it practically irresistible. Also available in Chrome.

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Black Marble Coffee Table With Conical Base: A coffee table that does away with metallic embellishments and embraces pure marble. While we have other pure marble options on our list, this one certainly takes on the most interesting shapeone that is sure to get people talking. Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors.

$373BUY IT

Oval Genuine Marble Coffee Table: Marble with a touch of retro charm, anyone? This coffee table was inspired by the design style of the 60s and is wonderful to infuse any space with a bit of retro allure. Available with or without expert assembly.

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Marble Coffee Table With Circular Brass Base: Anchor your living room in luxury and glamour with this genuine marble coffee table. Its geometric iron frame is sure to bring a distinctive touch to any space.

$339BUY IT

Green Marble Coffee Table With Unique Base: In case the green marble top doesnt catch the eye, the unique base surely will. A repetition of vertical lines give a dynamic quality to this coffee table that make it well-suited for spaces that are looking for intricacy and unusual furniture. Want to take it one step further? Place a star on it during the holidays to create a contemporary Christmas tree.

$4280BUY IT

Luxury Round Marble Coffee Table With Tapering Brass Legs: Tapered brass legs and a round marble top are a duo that demands attention. After all, a pairing that is as luxurious and elegant as this will not go unnoticed.

$590BUY IT

Industrial Style Metal And Marble Coffee Table: This stacked cog wheel base made from channeled layers of floating iron is what industrial style dreams are made of. An edgy coffee table that will look particularly fantastic contrasting against wood floors or a plush area rug.

$1200BUY IT

Antique Marble Coffee Table: If you fear mundane, then this ornate coffee table might be what your living room craves. Its detailed wood carvings make it a natural fit for Victorian homes and traditional spaces alike.

$680BUY IT

Oval Marble Coffee Table With Gold Base: The delicate polished gold stem of this oval marble coffee table makes it all the more eloquent. A truly luxurious piece with a highly refined style.

$440BUY IT

Saarinen Style Oval Marble Coffee Table: If metallics arent your taste, this Saarinen style marble coffee table has traded its gold base for a fresh white finish. You can also find the original here. Still craving some metallic shine? This table is available in other colors such as Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.

$264BUY IT

Rustic Style Marble And Wood Coffee Table: This rustic beauty is well-suited for a Farmhouse, cottage, or beach home. Its weathered wood base and open planked bottom shelf make it standout choice if you are looking for marble with a more natural feel.

$1400BUY IT

Sculptural Wood And Marble Coffee Table: It is hard to go wrong with marble, especially when it is as brilliantly executed as this coffee table. Its rich texture, clean lines, and mix of finishings make it quite the contender for any space.

$125BUY IT

Round Faux Marble Nesting Coffee Table : Looking for a table that embodies the look of marble, without draining your wallet? This geometric duo is a powerhouse option that is loaded with versatility. They are ideal for smaller spaces that dont want to forgo table space and they are pure perfection for those who love the ability to switch around furniture with ease.

$135BUY IT

Small Round Faux Marble Coffee Table: On a budget, but crave a high-end look? This small gem is made for you! This compact table with its golden base will add big style to large and small spaces alike.

$167BUY IT

Round Faux Marble Coffee Table: Fool everyone with this faux marble coffee table. With its gold base and sophisticated design you will have everyone thinking that this was premium purchase!

$216BUY IT

Square Faux Marble And Wood Coffee Table With Brass Legs: Weve come across a fair amount of faux marble coffee tables in our travels, but none quite like this. Its unusual build and 3 tone design instantly captivated usand honestly were still a bit obsessed with its unique design. Matching side tables also available.

$189BUY IT

Square Black Faux Marble Coffee Table: If you are looking for a square coffee table with an offbeat charm, then this is a great choice. The faux black marble and brass base create a luxe look that is sure to turn a few heads. Also available with a Silver base.

$3195BUY IT

4 Piece Multi Level Faux Marble Coffee Table: Do more tiers equal more style? In this case it might! This 4 level coffee table is a natural focal point with its multi-level design, black faux marble finish with stark white veining, and luxurious gold trim.

$106BUY IT

Box Frame Faux Marble Coffee Table: This faux marble box frame coffee table comes with all of style of real marble, but without a hefty weight or steep price tag. However, if you would still prefer real over faux, you can get the genuine marble version here.

$244BUY IT

Modern Rectangular Faux Marble And Glass Coffee Table: A contemporary option with tons of flair. This faux marble coffee table is a master of intricacy with its divided bottom shelf and unique tabletop that features a glass river insert.

$104BUY IT

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table: A faux black marble top gives this lift top coffee table an extra boost of style. Its lift top storage is perfect to stash away clutter and the lifted top creates a workable height for laptops.

$118BUY IT

Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table: This faux brown marble has a warmer feel than its white and black counterparts. It features a lift top, a storage compartment, and is overall an excellent addition to any traditional home.


Mid Century Modern Style Faux Marble And Walnut Coffee Table: This Mid-Century Modern coffee table greatly benefits from a boost of elegance thanks to its sleek faux marble top. Plus, the light tabletop creates a captivating contrast with the walnut legs, and it is priced under $100a budget-friendly buy that is sure to wow!

$169BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Style Faux Marble Coffee Table With Storage Shelf: Another Mid-Century Modern coffee table with a marble twist, but this one also features a sleek and handy wooden shelf. A great place to store magazines, your latest reads, or a few select accessories.

$165BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Style Marble And Wood Coffee Table: Sometimes just a touch of marble is enough to make a lasting impression and this Mid-Century Modern coffee table is proof. It not only uses marble to create an eye-catching color blocking effect on its table top, but it is also highly utilitarian with its storage shelf and wooden drawer. This table is a great tool to create a wow-worthy interior that strikes the perfect mix of organization and style.

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