5 Simple Ways to Keep your Kitchen Counter Clutter Free

A cluttered kitchen countertop will drastically affect your productivity and effectiveness while you are rushing to prepare and cook meals for the family. If you need help to tame your messy kitchen workstation, fret not! Here are 5 simple ways to end your struggle with untidy, chaotic kitchen countertop!

#1. Build a kitchen appliance garage

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You have heard of a pantry garage; so what about a kitchen appliance garage? A kitchen appliance garage a specially designated storage area for all the appliances used for food preparation, processing, cooking and even cleaning. A kitchen appliance garage is a great way to keep the kitchen counter clutter-free since it is specially built to store the numerous appliances, of all shapes and sizes, neatly out of sight, while keeping them within easy reach! The kitchen appliance garage can easily be built at the corner, below and even above the kitchen countertop.

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#2. Leverage on multi-purpose kitchen appliances

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When the kitchen counter space comes as a premium, kitchen space is extremely precious. Hence, you should de-cluttering the kitchen counter by replacing the uni-single purpose kitchen appliances with dual or multi-purpose ones. As the quality of multi-purpose appliances have improved over the years, these appliances will be able to make the kitchen more time and space-efficient! For instance, the GE Smart countertop microwave oven comes equipped with the Scan-To-Cook Technology, which helps to prepare the food perfectly as how the manufacturer intended, with just a barcode scan. It also allows for voice command, control through Google Assistant and Alexa.

Image from Products GE Appliances

The June Oven, a Swiss army of the kitchen, is a 7 in 1 convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. Hence, just imagine the amount of money and space you can save by using the June Oven! On top of this, it also has an app for you to use your phone to operate it and over 200 professionally developed automatic cook-programs.

Image from Trust Pilot

#3. Rethink how the kitchen sink should be used

Image from us.kohler

An over-the-sink cutting board is the easiest way to extend the kitchen counter space for food preparation or simply placing a cookbook or a cup of coffee! The extension can be done by either using a cutting board specifically designed to cover the sinks or simply use an over-sized cutting board which is big large enough to completely cover the sink.

Another way to make the kitchen sink pull double or even triple duty, is to create a customisable, multi-functional workspace through the use of specially designed mini ledges from Kohler, which features the Prolific stainless steel kitchen sink line, that can be installed inside the sink.

With more space to work with, you do not have to struggle with a congested, messy countertop during food preparation and meal cooking.

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#4. Reclaim space from an unused stovetop

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Similarly, the unused stovetops can be covered with an over-sized cutting board or customised burner covers to create an extended work surface for an extra food preparation zone.

Image from The Kitchn

#5. Dead, awkward corners make surprisingly excellent storage space

Image from Hgtv.ca

Maximize awkward, forgotten corners between the end cabinets and walls by turning them into floating, display shelves to bump up the kitchens total storage capacity. Stack minimal, frequently used kitchen essentials such as the bowls and cups, thrown in with decor, vases (while keeping the rest in the cabinets) to amp up the chic timeless feel.

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Turn the tiny, sliver of spaces under the kitchen countertop into space-efficient, compact two-tier knives organiser, to double the storage space of an ordinary drawer and kept them out of sight. In this way. the kitchen countertop can make do without a bulky knife block.

Image from Local Kitchen Blog

Likewise, a powerful magnetic knife strip can be installed onto the underside of the top kitchen cabinet. In this way, the knives securely are always close at hand, but safely hidden away from prying eyes.

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