28 Products That Will Add Some Razzle-Dazzle to Those New Year’s Resolutions

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Once again, the perpetual loop of swearing off old habits (for the last time, we promise!) has circled back around to our doorsteps. Whether it’s a lack of motivation or direction—or folding under the pressure of “new year, new you” mantras—we’re here to help you apply some stick-to-itiveness to your New Year’s resolutions. No matter if it’s a post-holiday effort to cut back on alcohol, a revived fitness routine, or getting real about mental health, here are 28 editor-sourced products that will make sure seven classic resolutions feel less like an uphill battle and more like coasting to “habit.” 

Resolution: Really Do Dry January

After attending back-to-back holiday shindigs where alcohol undoubtedly made the VIP guest list, starting the year off with booze on the back burner feels like the no-brainer of New Year’s resolutions. But that doesn’t make it any easier to accomplish. So to help stave off buzz-seeking temptations, we’ve gathered a crop of nonalcoholic goodies and accessories to ensure that a joyful January is had by all, especially those who choose not to indulge.

Ghia’s First Sip Kit

ghia first sip kit
The First Sip Kit, Ghia ($50)

Declared an “instant classic” by one 5-star reviewer, the Ghia First Sip Kit allows you to taste all of the brand’s alcohol-free offerings. The set includes its three canned spritzes and an intro course-size bottle of the original aperitif, a citrusy, bitter drink to mix with seltzer or blend into a N/A beverage. All are free of artificial flavors, sugar, and caffeine (and hangover headaches, of course). Plus the kit comes with a pour spout to dish out proper proportions for cocktails.

Ferm Living Long Drink Glasses

ferm living long drink glasses
Long Drink Glasses by Ferm Living, Set of 4, Boisson ($102)

Proper glassware is a must for any mixologist, and you can always count on Danish brand Ferm Living for minimalist, elevated designs. These mouth-blown, rippled tumblers will sit pretty on a shelf until you tap them to hold your spirit-free sips.

Wilderton Bittersweet Aperitivo

Bittersweet Aperitivo
Bittersweet Aperitivo, Wilderton ($37)

This scintillating combo of grapefruit, orange blossom, and aromatic herbs landed on our list of best unique gifts because it’s nonalcoholic—but doesn’t taste like it. One of our editors, an enthusiastic drinker of Wilderton, recommends mixing it with seltzer or enjoying solo over some ice.

Lekue Ice Box

lekue ice box white
Ice Box, White, Lekue ($24 was $34)

Most ice trays are either too fussy to work with or add to the mess of a full freezer. The Lekue Ice Box not only produces charming ice shapes, but the storage box holds up to 132 ice cubes at a time.

Resolution: Finally Get Organized

It’s not just you: We, too, experience the annual urge to Marie Kondo our lives. Tidying up everything may not be realistic, but sorting out your documents, personal belongings, and appointments totally is, especially with the right tools. This is finally the year we refuse to lose another random item in the abyss that is our junk drawer–turned–black hole.

Tepra Lite Label Maker

Tepra Lite Label Printer
Tepra Lite Label Printer, Amazon ($68)

A label maker—specifically this tiny Bluetooth model by Tepra—has been boldly lauded as “your new favorite gadget” by our editors. The diminutive device is straightforward in appearance and function, free of confusing buttons. It pairs up to an app on your phone, where you can adjust font size and style and print emojis, photos, and illustrations. You’ll never have to guess which basket your batteries is hiding in again.

Marvy Le Pen, 12-Pack

marvy le pen 12 pack
Le Pen, 12-Pack, Amazon ($17 was $20)

Tidying up a messy desk is easy; keeping it clean over time is, well, what’s tough. Making your work setup aesthetically pleasing can motivate you to stay up to the task, and Le Pen adds an element of cheerful color to a drab drawer or pencil holder. Multiple reviewers rave that this 12-pack in particular is long-lasting and features fine tips that are easy to write with.

Papier Wonder Daily Planner

Wonder Daily Planner, Papier ($32)

Available in five fresh colors, the Wonder Daily Planner adds structure to your day-to-day workflow. The weekly overview provides a top-level look at your daily tasks, and detailed prompts encourage you to track habits, set personal goals, and more.

Muuto Arrange Desktop Series

muuto organizer
Muuto Arrange Desktop Series, 2Modern ($125)

Stray from cookie-cutter desktop setups with this sustainably made arranger by Muuto. Crafted from recycled plastic and cork, the minimalist trays can be layered, stacked, or used separately to fit your specific organizational needs.

Resolution: Prepare More Home-Cooked Meals

Whether you are quitting takeout cold turkey or determined to commit more family recipes to memory, using smartly designed, durable kitchenware can help you stick to those plans. Stock up on our editor-approved cooking essentials; they’ll bite into the time it takes to meal prep, and some even double as countertop eye candy.

Alessi Plissé Hand Immersion Blender

alessi plisse hand immersion blender
Plisse Hand Immersion Blender, Alessi ($195)

Few electric cooking implements have the opportunity to look elegant, but this chic immersion blender from Alessi’s Plissé collection should be the highlight of soup season and beyond. You’ll be psyched to use the whisk and chopper attachments that come with the set, which can stand on display looking effortlessly chic, not clunky and out of place.

Our Place Wander Bowl

wander bowl
Wander Bowl, Our Place ($40)

Leftovers don’t have to be shoved into a deli container. Use this microwave-safe ceramic bowl from the Internet-famous brand Our Place instead. The custom-fitted lid is doubly secure thanks to a silicone sleeve and strap, which means last night’s healthy meal won’t spill during road trips, commutes, or on the way to the sofa.

Omsom the Bestseller Set

omsom best seller set
The Bestseller Set, Omsom ($55 was $60)

Take the guesswork out of cooking up your favorite restaurant dishes with these best-selling starter packs from Omsom. The 15-pack set includes Korean Spicy Bulgogi, Thai Krapow, Japanese Yuzu Miso, Thai Larb, and Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ. Everything is certified gluten-free, BTW.

Café Matte White Air Fryer Toaster Oven

cafe couture matte white air fryer
Air Fryer Toaster Oven, Matte White, Café ($450)

With 14 cooking modes and a wide temperature range from 80 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be churning out hearty home-cooked meals with ease. Reviewers love the fryer’s versatility (it comes with nonstick pizza and baking pans, a wire mesh basket, and an oven rack) and the way its gorgeous silhouette sits on their countertops.

Resolution: Reset and Restore

With nonstop notifications, task lists, and calendar invites constantly vying for all our time and energy, staying afloat without feeling drained and frazzled can be a struggle. Here’s hoping that a few (okay, all) of these wellness-themed goodies help boost your energy levels so you can keep up when life gets hectic.

Sweet Deliverance Granola Variety Pack

granola variety pack sweet deliverance
Granola Variety Pack, Sweet Deliverance ($46)

Stash a pack of Sweet Deliverance’s granola in your bag to avoid skipping breakfast or as a quick fuel source to perk you up during an afternoon slump. This appetizing combo includes the brand’s Strawberry and Salty Peanut; Turmeric and Super Seed; and Sour Cherry and Pistachio Rose flavors.

Bala Bangles

bala bangles blush
Bala Bangles, Blush, Bala ($65)

Bala made our list of best home equipment for the brand’s unique approach to connecting form and function, and this viral wrist-and-ankle-weight set is its marquee product. The weights are made of recycled steel coated in soft silicone and have elastic hooks and fasteners to promise a secure fit. Plus they come with a carrying case and are available in nine aesthetically pleasing shades.

Girlfriend Collective Please Recycle Crew Socks

please recycle socks girlfriend collective
Please Recycle Crew Socks, Girlfriend Collective ($14)

Prevent that pesky roll-down situation from happening mid-workout with a pair of these eco-friendly, fashionable white crew socks from Girlfriend Collective. They’re supercozy and made from recycled water bottles.

Georg Jensen Sky Water Bottle

georg jensen sky water bottle stainless steel
SKY Water Bottle, Georg Jensen ($69)

When you tote water around in an appealing container like the Sky Water Bottle, you’ll likely be compelled to sip more often. The Aurélien Barbry–designed stainless steel vessel comes with a calf leather strap that secures the lid and makes it easy to carry.

Resolution: Put Your Mind at Ease

If you’re anything like us, you enthusiastically welcome a daily routine with soothing intermissions. We’re talking naps, at-home spa days, innovative stress-management techniques, or all of the above. Whatever the case, rest-and-relaxation–enabling tools are aplenty, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Quiet Hours Facial Ice Roller

quiet hours facial ice roller in lavender
Facial Ice Roller, Quiet Hours ($48)

We’re fans of wellness brands that put a premium on design, and Quiet Hours’s modern spin on the ice roller instantly lured us in. Instead of a hard handle, this lovely version pairs a soft matte one covered in silicone with a stainless steel roller. To add to the cool factor, it comes in either a sage or lavender colorway. 

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

anti anxiety notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, Anthropologie ($38)

In the spirit of “better in than out,” alleviate your tension in the form of journaling. All 270 pages of this hardcover, therapist-designed notebook contain entries to aid in monitoring emotions and thought patterns for long-term, stress-reducing results.

Subscription to Headspace

headspace app
Annual Subscription, Headspace ($70)

Feeling overwhelmed? There’s an app that Domino editors use for that: Headspace is where zen seekers go for restoration in the form of science-backed meditations, mindfulness tools, sleep assistance, and more. Choose from two trial plans: Get 14 days free and pay $5.83 a month, or get a seven-day free period and pay $12.99 a month, after which time a regular subscription kicks in with a $69.99 annual fee.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

vitruvi essential oil diffuser
Stone Essential Oil Diffuser, Vitruvi ($123)

It’s our pick for the best overall essential oil diffuser, so naturally we’re sharing the wealth: Vitruvi’s design-forward, Instagram-famous device is a potent scent disperser, with an eight-hour run time. It’ll blend right in with your vase collection.

Resolution: More Wheels-Up Time

In our opinion, traveling can be an enjoyable, stress-free experience with preparation (and a bit of vanity). Hear us out: A weekender bag or suitcase should fit all the essentials, yes, but look good while doing it. It’s the first step to making your airport and in-flight experiences decidedly less turbulent.

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender

catalina deluxe organic canvas in dove grey
Catalina Deluxe Organic Canvas Duffel Bag, Lo & Sons ($129 was $215)

A versatile duffel bag is a must, whether you’re catching a flight or taking to the road. One Domino editor owns several Lo & Sons canvas duffel bags, and they fit more than you’d think: They keep things organized with multiple zipper and slip pockets, including a separate bottom just for shoes.

Ostrich Pillow Go Neck Pillow

Go Neck Pillow, Ostrich Pillow ($60)

Given all the distractions and general discomfort, snoozing on a bus or plane requires some strategic planning. We recommend the Go Neck Pillow, an ergonomic offering that, according to reviewers who have taken long-haul flights, isn’t too bulky and offers sufficient support without feeling restrictive.

Loop Earplugs

loop quiet earplugs in magic mint
Quiet Earplugs, Loop ($20)

If you can’t wait for an opportunity to disconnect when you travel, grab a pair of these noise-blocking earplugs from Loop before your next trip. Our editors love their ringlike design (which compares to a cute pair of earrings), plus they have staying power through vigorous rounds of chewing, exercise breaks, and raucous laughter.

Dagne Dover Arlo Tech Organizer

arlo tech organizer in dune
Arlo Tech Organizer, Dagne Dover ($50)

Leave your days of battling tangled cords, chargers, and wires behind with the Arlo Tech Organizer. One of our editors relies on it to keep bottom-of-the-bag clutter at bay, and it made our best-selling products list this holiday season.

Resolution: Be a Bookworm

We won’t ask how many books you read this year, and you won’t judge us for buying another pile before cracking open the untouched ones on our shelves. Deal? Deal. Instead let’s focus on items geared toward increasing the time we all spend snuggled up with our favorite titles.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

kindle paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, 32 GB, Amazon ($145 was $190)

For bibliophiles who don’t mind a digital page-turning experience, we recommend the Kindle. This particular version holds 32 GB of data, so browse all your classics and new releases, then read until you finish a book or nod off, whichever comes first.

Offhours Homecoat

homecoat in memphis offhours
Homecoat in Memphis, Offhours ($295)

This gender-neutral, one-size-fits-all offering is a bookworm’s dream. The exterior is 100 percent French terry cotton, while sanded-cotton jersey covers the inside and a recycled polyester quilting fill tops off this exceptionally comfy design. Several of our editors have one and can attest to it being the coziest reading companion, second only to the company of a soft pup.

Cratejoy Monthly Book & Tea Box

monthly book tea box
Monthly Book & Tea Box, Cratejoy ($60)

Declared as “darling” and the perfect way to “pamper yourself or someone else,” this 5-star-reviewed tea-lover and reader-friendly gift allows you to enjoy titles from your preferred genre. Also packed inside each themed box is caffeine-free loose-leaf tea, a bookmark, biscuits, and a tea strainer.

The Ark Elements Pompeii Mug

pompeii mug the arkelements
Pompeii Mug, The Ark Elements ($36)

We’re pretty sure you can’t create that cottage-inspired reading nook without placing your favorite mug somewhere within reach, hence our insistence on throwing this gorgeous Ark Elements Pompeii number into the mix. The mug is handmade in Italy, and you can use it solo or pair it with a matching teapot.

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