25 Cool Tools, Gear, Gift Ideas!

2022 Year-End Tool Gear Gift Guide

Here are 25 cool tools, everyday gear, and other types of products and recommendations you might like or at least find interesting!

Some of these are recommendations based on my own personal or professional experiences, and others are a matter of taste – even literally.

A few have been on my topic queue for a while, but I just couldn’t find a fitting time or place to bring them up.

If you like this guide, or even just the idea of it, please let me know – maybe this can be a regular feature!

I’m also curious – out of the 25 products mentioned here, how many have landed on your own wishlist or shopping list?

Slice EDC Knife with Ceramic Blade

Slice EDC Ceramic Blade Knife

Slice’s ceramic-blade cutters and box openers have been around for a while, but this one is new to me. It’s a folding knife and works with the brand’s interchangeable and replaceable ceramic blades.

It comes with a double-ended rounded tip blade, and pointed tip blades are also available.

They claim the blade is finger-friendly and far longer lasting than typical steel blades.

Black Decker Cordless Multi-Cutter

Black & Decker 4V Cordless Multi-Cutter

This USB-rechargeable self-sharpening multi-cutter is said to be capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, such as cardboard, fabric, carpet, vinyl, canvas, denim, plastic, and more.

The built-in battery delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime.

Milwaukee Engineer Scale 25-foot Compact Tape Measure

Milwaukee Compact 25′ Tape Measure with Engineer Scale

This 25′ engineer scale tape measure features 1/10 and 1/100 foot markings on the top, and an imperial scale with 1/16 inch markings.

As with other Milwaukee compact 25′ tape measures, it has nylon blade protection and an impact-resistant 5-point reinforced frame. Its blade measures 1″ wide and has a maximum “reach” (standout plus 3 feet) of 12 feet.

Wera Craftline Chisel Knife with Sheath

Mora Craftline Chisel Knife with Sheath

Part knife and part wood chisel, this Mora Craftline knife is a popular tool for carpentry and general project use.

Allex Cardboard Scissors

Allex Cardboard Scissors, Made in Japan

These spring-action shears can handle thick paper, cardboard, and similar materials.

Metmo Grip Adjustable Wrench

Metmo Grip

The Metmo Grip is described as a both a fidget toy and tool, and it’s really exactly that.

Metmo sent over a test sample, and it’s truly as fun as they claim. I’ve also used it as a tool a couple of times – it can serve as a quick-adjusting wrench and also as a 1/4″ hex bit driver. In a pinch, it can also be used as a small hammer.

It’s made from 316 stainless steel, 6061 anodized aluminum, and 1020 carbon steel.

It’s a keeper.

Sog PopGrip Multi-Tool

SOG PopSocket Multi-Tool

The PopSocket attaches to your smartphone case and pops up for convenient one-handed gripping, and houses a small SOG one-piece multi-tool.

The tool features a mini pry bar, 1/4″ bit wrench socket, and 4mm bit wrench socket.

Color Options: Black, Blue, Green

Vyper Shop Stool

Vyper Industrial Shop Stool

This robust-looking Vyper shop stool features a large tool tray, 19″ seat height, 4″ casters, 400 lb load capacity, and large 14″ wide and 4″ thick seat cushion.

It’s made in the USA.

I’m not familiar with Vyper; I caught an ad for their shop chairs and stools and they’ve been on my wishlist since then. Their seats definitely look to put all others I’ve used (and am currently using) to shame.

Petzl Tikkina LED Headlamp with Blue Strap

Petzl Tikkina LED Headlamp

Petzl recently launched a new line of Tikkina LED headlamps, which means their last generation models have dropped in price slightly.

The new 300 lumen headlamps are $24.95, and the older 250 lumen headlamps are $17.96.

Sure, of course you can find LED headlamps for less, but with Petzl’s build quality and reliability?

3M Pro-Protect Bluetooth Hearing Protector

3M Pro-Protect Bluetooth Hearing Protector

What sets these Bluetooth hearing protection earmuffs apart from others is that it has external microphones “for situational awareness.”

In other words, you can make calls, listen to music, or hear more of what’s going on around you.

3M says these earmuffs are “ideal for teams” and “help workers communicate while protecting their hearing.”

They are powered by 2AA batteries.

Diamondback Sax Tool Parts Pouches

Diamondback Sax Tool and Parts Bags

The Diamondback Sax tool bags are premium-quality and durable tool, part, and fastener pouches designed to meet the needs of tradespeople and other pros. They’re available in 4 colors.

PB Swiss Coin Driver

PB Swiss Coin Driver

The PB Swiss Tools coin driver has a thin and wide-rounded tip.

If you’re not sure if you need one, you probably don’t. But, maybe you can, and simply didn’t know something like this existed.

Klein 55559 Stand-up Zippered Tool Pouch Set

Klein Tools Stand-up Zippered Tool Pouches

These are like ordinary zippered tool pouches, but with a wider bottom that increases storage capacity while doubling as a stable base, hence the stand-up aspect.

The 2pc set comes with a 7″ royal blue bag, and a 14″ dark gray bag. Both feature an accessory carabiner for easy attachment to tool bags.

The pouches are made from 1670d ballistic weave material, and the reinforced bottom panel is made from 2520d ballistic weave

Mini Henry Vacuum

Mini Henry Vacuum Cleaner

This mini Henry vacuum might be a novelty, but it’s also functional, and said to be able to pick up small crumbs.

Engineer Twin Wrench Driver Set

Engineer Twin Wrench Driver

This dual-end driver gives you reach on one end, and higher torque delivery on the other. It works with standard 1/4″ hex screwdriver bits.

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon The Ultimate Pepper Grinder

Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon – The Ultimate Pepper Grinder

The Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon is a highly efficient and adjustable pepper grinder.

It features a double bearing-supported drive shaft, stainless steel grinding burrs, and anodized aluminum housing that’s milled from solid billet.

I found our test sample to be quick to fill and easy to use, and it really did produce the most consistent ground pepper I have ever seen, and this held true from coarse to super-fine, and every setting in between.

(It’s on sale at the time of this posting for $180 after coupon.)

Engineer PH-55 Scissors

Engineer Compact Scissors

These mini scissors are consistently one of my favorite tools. They’re sharp, comfortable to use (once you get a feel for how to grip them), and take up little space in a tool drawer.

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Hemostats 2pc Locking Tweezer Set


It always surprises me how many tool users don’t have a pair or two of hemostats in their tool kit. These are indispensable for all kinds of small holding tasks, and are inexpensive and small enough for it to not be a big deal if you don’t use them often.

All of the no-name brands I’ve tried have worked well enough, but I have yet to find one I can recommend consistently.

Bessey Ratcheting Table Clamp GTR16S6H

Bessey Ratcheting Table Clamp

These Bessey clamps are very well-made and extremely versatile.

They work well with MFT-style tables, track saw guide rails, slots, grooves, and peg holes in thinner table top materials, and even as a quick work clamp.

Fuego Box Eco Crate Hot Sauce Gift Set

Fuego Box Hot Sauce Gift & Subscription Sets

Who doesn’t like flavor?

Fuego sent over their Eco Crate gift set ($59.95), which comes with a spicy honey, 3 hot sauces, and a Himalayan ghost pepper salt. This assortment ships in a custom handmade wooden box, and Fuego pledges to plant 5 trees with every order.

In my opinion, the flavors are nicely balanced and enjoyable. I really like the Zana organic habanero hot sauce, which is also available separately.

Fuego’s hot sauce selection is highly filterable by pepper type, dietary restrictions, and 4 heat levels from mild to extra hot.

You can opt for a subscription, gift set, or individual bottles of small-batch hot sauce.

Tom Bihn Small Travel Tray

Tom Bihn Small Travel Tray

Tom Bihn makes fantastic bags, pouches, and lifestyle storage accessories.

They don’t make tool bags (yet?), but some of their tote bags and organizers can handle tool or workshop tasks if you’re careful.

The small travel tray is a fabric pouch with two modes. Shown above is the small tray in its open position. Pull the lower lip up and over, and you can cinch it closed for quick and easy transport.

This size works well for a wallet, keys, watch, and maybe a smartphone charger, hence its description as a travel tray. I use mine for things like small plastic parts and misc. parts things I don’t want to misplace.

Tom Bihn also makes a wide range or organizational accessories, from small wallets and pouches you can wear on your belt, to duffels designed for cross-country work travel.

If you’re into EDC, be warned – it’s easy to get carried away.

Energel Philography Pen in Black

Pentel Energel Philography Pen

The Pentel Philography pen is a slender metal-barrel pen that works with their Energel ink refills.

It has a smooth-style retraction mechanism that protects the tip (and your pockets) during travel. Energel ink refills have rollerball tips and a smooth-writing gel ink.

You can buy refills in a wide variety of colors and most commonly with 0.5 mm and 0.7mm tip sizes.

I like this pen in particular for its solid feel. It’s available in different color options.

Rhodia Dot Grid Notepad No16 A5

Rhodia A5 Dot Grid Notepad

This notepad is made with Rhodia 80g superfine vellum paper, and is in A5 size (6″ x 8-1/4″). Each of the 80 sheets are micro-perforated for easy removal.

The paper isn’t blank – it has a dot grid pattern that provides low-distraction structure to the page. If it helps, imagine graph paper with a dot at each grid intersection point, rather than vertical and horizontal lines.

Transfer Pipettes 3m Graduations

Disposable Transfer Pipettes

If you’re not familiar with pipettes – most people aren’t – they’re basically disposable eyedroppers.

These can transfer small amounts of liquid in measured amounts from 0.5 mL to 3.0 mL.

I use mine for misc. tasks such as adding liquid plant food to watering cans, filling fountain pens, and I recently overfilled a vacuum pump and had to remove just a few milliliters of oil.

Excel Hobby Knife

Excel USA-Made Hobby Knife

Hobby knives aren’t just for hobbies – they’re replaceable-blade precision knives with broad uses.

Excel’s have an aluminum body with soft handle grip, rear twist-lock blade release, 4-jaw blade chuck, and a shatter-resistant cap.