The cargo van is a popular choice as a work vehicle. It provides space and versatility. Of course, to get the most productivity out of it, the van needs to be properly organized.
Why Organize?
There are some very good reasons to get organized:
Increased efficiency on the job It makes it easy for each worker to find what’s needed It makes a better impression on customers Van Organization Solutions
The best way to organize is to tailor the van cargo space to your needs. A custom van interior provides a variety of cabinets and toolboxes to fit the van.

There are a variety of options with van upfits. There are a variety of options with van upfits. Three creative ways to improve organization through customization is with overhead cabinets, base cabinets, and drawers.
For overhead cabinets, the sort of work you do will determine what you need. For instance, the job you perform (handyman work) regularly changes, you may want to choose overhead cabinets so that they can be adapted to suit different tool and item storage, up and out of the way. Choose cabinets according to the van’s size and layout. A van can hold a lot of cabinets, more than you may think! In some of the vans we upfitted, we can install overhead cabinets, base cabinets, stationary drawer or toolboxes, and closets. Cabinets and closets have adjustable shelves to keep equipment safe and organized. Drawers are a solution to tool and part storage. With our patented QuikDraw® Latch System, tools stay securely in place during travel and keep them in good shape. Choose to Get Organized
With a custom van interior, there are storage solutions to meet your needs. At Moduline Cabinets, we offer one-on-one consultation with our in-house engineering team who can design a storage solution tailored for you. Contact us at 888-343-4463 today to see how we can help!

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