10 Shocking Facts About Jasmine Roth That’ll Rock Your World

Jasmine Roth

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Jasmine Roth is reality TV’s latest home renovation darling, and for good reason: While she got her start turning boring, cookie-cutter houses into custom masterpieces on HGTV’s “Hidden Potential,” she’s also pitched in on the “Brady Bunch” house, won “Rock the Block” in 2019, and helped numerous homeowners fix their failed home improvement projects on “Help! I Wrecked My House.”

Clearly, Roth is a rising star, and though she’s quite open about her life and her family, there’s still a lot more to this home design-construction-renovation whiz than meets the eye.

Curious about what you might have missed? Brush up on these surprising facts about this Jill-of-all-trades.

1. She started building things as a kid

As a child growing up in rural Virginia, Roth spent much of her free time with her dad, a DIY carpenter. Working together in the family garage, they built treehouses, playhouses, furniture, and sheds.

Roth is a huge advocate for women and girls getting involved in carpentry, construction, and other traditionally male-dominated careers. This effort has paid off, since many of the biggest fans of “Hidden Potential” are middle school girls.

Roth says she regularly gets messages from parents thanking her for introducing their daughters to a potential career path. She also uses the #WomenWhoBuild hashtag to encourage a sense of community.

“Just historically, construction trades aren’t pitched as viable options for girls,” Roth told the Orange County Register. “Had someone told me when I was at school and sketching little houses on a notebook that I could have [built those houses], I would have loved that.”

2. She got into the renovation business by accident

Roth didn’t set out to become an HGTV star or a homebuilder/renovator. In 2008, she got a degree in entrepreneurship and new-venture management at Northeastern University in Boston (that’s also where she met her husband, Brett).

Next, she moved to California to launch a career in corporate consulting. Roth and her husband bought a piece of land in Huntington Beach, CA, and planned to spend their nights and weekends building their dream home, as well as a separate investment property. They learned as they went.

With this experience under her belt, Roth decided to quit her job to focus on these renovation projects full time. In 2012, her company, Built Custom Homes, was born.

3. HGTV discovered her on Instagram

Roth began documenting the home-building process on Instagram, which is how TV producers discovered her.

After HGTV producers got in touch, Roth filmed a 2-minute pilot video about herself. She mentioned that she was transforming her mother-in-law’s boring cottage into a custom home, which planted the seed for “Hidden Potential.”

The show began airing on HGTV in April 2017 and has run for two seasons. Roth’s newest show, “Help! I Wrecked My House,” premiered in September.

4. You can rent out her house

Roth and her husband have outgrown the first house they built together. But Roth couldn’t bear to part with it completely, so she decided to make it available as a vacation rental on Airbnb.

It’s called the 11th Street Retreat, and you can stay there for around $1,000 a night. It’s 2,875 square feet and can accommodate up to nine people, so grab a few friends and make a weekend out of it!

5. She has her own home decor shop

One of the rugs available from The Shop by Jasmine Roth

The Shop by Jasmine Roth

If you’re seriously digging some of the chairs, rugs, dishes, knickknacks, and other home decor that Roth uses on her HGTV shows (and in her own house), you can buy your favorite items through Roth’s retail operation, The Shop by Jasmine Roth.

She handpicks and curates everything that’s for sale, so even if Roth can’t personally show up to help you design your home, you’ll be able to add a little of her personal style to your house anyway, like with this clever rug (The Shop by Jasmine Roth, $50).

6. She loves designing for dogs

Roth has two dogs—Nala the bulldog and Tiger the Chihuahua—so it’s no surprise that she loves to integrate pet-friendly projects into her home designs.

In fact, one of the first custom features she built in her own home was a “dog cave” underneath the stairs, complete with recessed lights, baseboards, a cozy dog bed, a gallery wall, and wallpaper.

In the end, this seemingly off-the-wall project helped Roth learn a valuable lesson: You don’t always have to follow the rules.

“Just because they’ve always filled in that area in the past and never done anything with it doesn’t mean that we have to do it that way forever,” Roth told Country Living.

“That’s how I look at construction now. If there’s a space that I can do something cool with, instead of just drywalling it in, let’s do it!”

7. She designed the cutest nursery for her daughter

In April, Roth and her husband celebrated the birth of their first child, Hazel. And, in true Roth fashion, she built a gorgeous nursery for her new baby girl.

Roth’s design is full of bold colors in a muted pastel palette, so they make a statement without being overwhelming. She also fixed up an old dresser with whimsical drawer pulls and built a custom accent wall using small vintage crates, which not only add style to the room, but also serve as functional storage.

8. She can build your home from the ground up

On HGTV, Roth does a lot of renovations and home improvement projects on existing properties. But when she’s not on TV, she’s actually designing and building homes from the ground up.

Her business Built Custom Homes helps would-be homeowners build exactly what they want in downtown Huntington Beach, CA. Roth has helped build homes in all sorts of architectural styles, from Craftsman to industrial Cape Cod to contemporary. The prices of the homes she builds range from $750,000 to $2 million.

9. She loathes spending money when renovating

Jasmine Roth helps homeowners save money on “Help! I Wrecked My House” by using reclaimed wood and other budget-friendly tricks.


When she works with homeowners on TV, Roth’s natural frugality shines through. She understands that most homeowners are working with a limited budget—and she proves that she can make that money stretch.

She leans heavily on home renovation tricks to help make the most of her budget, such as simply painting a home to give it new curb appeal, using reclaimed wood, and making art and home decor do double duty as functional storage.

10. She still makes mistakes—and learns from them

In case you were starting to think Roth was superhuman, she does still make mistakes. Case in point: When building her house, Roth decided to ignore the builder’s suggestion of frosting the glass window in the second-floor bathroom.

Later, when she was actually living in the house, she realized the error of her ways. She installed shutters over the windows instead, but definitely considers this a lesson learned the hard way.

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