Weekend homeschool links: July 16th

Have you heard about Durenda Wilson’s new book?! It’s a beautiful encouragement to remind you that you can homeschool effectively, in only four hours a day!

Weekend homeschool links:

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I know my son Elijah will need a new math curriculum soon, and CTC Math is at the top of my list! I love that it has super-short lessons, includes access to ALL grade levels (perfect for those kiddos who are all over the map skill-wise), and step-by-step instructions for each problem.

Oh, and did I mention that homeschoolers get access for half price?! I will definitely have Elijah try it for four weeks free with their trial before we commit, and you can do the same for your child right here.

MyFunScience.com offers a rich selection of weekly live online science, math, and technology courses. Their classes provide teens with stellar teaching, from mentors with a Biblical perspective.

And right now you can enter to win a free class to try them out – everyone who enters gets a coupon for $50 off!

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