Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder Review

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a rangefinder that did more than just find distances? 

What if a hybrid GPS laser rangefinder could help you… 

  • Read greens.
  • Create a tee box strategy.
  • Lock in on your target, even with shaky hands.
  • Help you avoid fairway bunkers and other hazards.
  • Navigate the best place to hit on your approach shots. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

I would’ve guessed the same until I learned about the Voice Caddie SL2 laser rangefinder. This laser rangefinder is so far from a normal device it’s hard to fathom, and will help make golf just a little easier (we could all use the help, am I right)?

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this new rangefinder and see if it’s right for you. 

Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder Side-View

Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder Review

Is the Voice Caddie SL2 a rangefinder? A GPS? A digital yardage book? A personal caddy? A fashion statement?

How about yes to all those questions and even more from this all-in-one device. That’s right, the answer isn’t just a rangefinder, it’s actually a hybrid GPS rangefinder that offers a bit of everything. Think of it like a personal caddy — here’s why…  

Advanced Golf Features in a Hybrid GPS

While the cost is much higher than your average rangefinder, it definitely looks high end and has tons of features that warrant the higher price. 

Size wise, it’s very small and easy to hold in the palm of your hand or keep in your pocket. It combines both beauty and cool factors to make it one device that you will want (or need).

Here’s why we love this top-notch device … 

Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder / Official Rangefinder of The LPGA

Elegant Design

Very few rangefinders have a sleek, elegant design like the Voice Caddie SL2.

This is arguably one of the best looking golf gadgets on the market. It’s all white design with oak finish makes it second to none on looks alone.

According to Voice Caddie, “It’s inspired by the deck of the yacht sailing the ocean and use of aluminum in premium speakers. The elegance of golf and precision of the rangefinder was expressed by combining the warm feeling of the leather, grain pattern of oak, and precisely machined aluminum.”

Needless to say, I don’t think any other rangefinder on the market was inspired by a high-end yacht. This simple but clean design is sure to make a statement at any golf course or private country club that you get to play.

Plus, it only has two buttons, so it’s easy for anyone to use. Simply hit the power button to turn the device on or off and the “M” button to switch slope modes. Otherwise, the rest of it is a touch screen to help you navigate the golf course.

Smart Course View

As I teased in the intro, this Voice Caddie device isn’t like most GPS devices. Starting with its new full color course layout graphics to help you navigate any hole on any course.

Voice Caddie rolled out the red carpet with its new “Smart Course View”, making it unlike almost any other laser rangefinder. This feature has innovative functions to better understand the hole layout of and ultimately should lead to better course management.  

The auto view will display all kinds of useful information such as distance to bunkers, hazards, and ideal driver landing area, which is pretty neat. Thanks to the course view map, you can easily touch the screen and locate layup distances, doglegs, and other hazards. 

You can also zoom in to see enlarged views, adjust the distance based on pin or ideal landing zone, and more. It’s like you have your own caddy with you every single round! 

Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder Top-View

New Active Green View 

If you thought the Smart Course view technology was something, then wait until you use the Active Green View. This separates this laser rangefinder from any other GPS on the market.


Because it doesn’t just give you a course layout, this advanced laser rangefinder even helps you on the greens too. This new feature will help you understand the dynamic green undulation and will actually help show you the breaks. You can easily zoom in on the green with the touch screen display.

Plus, it has “Green Attack” information as well. Before you hit your pitch or approach shot, study the green to figure out the safest landing zone and which parts of the green to avoid. 

It’s like having a caddy who can read greens or a yardage book that shows the breaks of the greens. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it and not shocked it’s the official rangefinder of the LPGA Tour.

High Resolution Touch Screen (OLED Display)

Directly beneath the scope is the secondary screen to learn so much more than the distance for your next shot. This hybrid GPS has a 2-color OLED screen and also adjusts based on the time of day you’re playing to avoid glare and sunlight.

Never again will you feel like you’re playing a hole blind thanks to this game-changing second color screen. The screen works in foggy or darker conditions, low light, and normal conditions with ease. It also has a filter background to adapt accordingly.

Also, if you want to conserve battery life, you can always turn off the secondary color touch screen. This more than doubles the battery life and is good if you have a home course you play often and don’t need as much insight on the tee box or greens.

Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder / Official Rangefinder of The LPGA

Slope Mode

The SL2 has a slope function as well. 

This will make it so much easier to calculate the total distance when you have an uphill or downhill shot. It will provide the actual distance, the slope (plus or minus) and the updated distance so you don’t have to worry about any extra math either.

Like a lot of rangefinders, you can easily turn the slope feature on and off into normal mode as well. When you find yourself in a competitive event, simply click the “M” button to remove slope features and it’ll be USGA approved. This will ensure you only get distance readings in GPS mode, not slope features either.

Pro Tip: If you get to play a practice round, use the feature and calculate the slope for every approach shot on all 18 holes (plus or minus). Then, log the plus or minus number on a blank scorecard or yardage book so you can make the necessary adjustments in the event. Finally, don’t forget to double-check the slope feature is turned off before heading to the first tee box. 

Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder Display

6X Optical Magnification

Most rangefinders work comfortably up to about 300-400 yards. But the Voice Caddie SL2 has 6x magnification and works up to 1,100 yards away. 

Granted, you will never hit a 1,000-yard shot, but it makes it easy to plan the hole and create a tee box strategy. Plus, you can adjust the clarity of the view with the focus view feature.

Pin Assist (Pin Slope Integration)

If you have shaky hands, don’t worry, this rangefinder has your back. A lot of players who have the shakes tend to use a GPS instead of a rangefinder, but this one avoids the problem entirely.

The SL2 can show you information thanks to its built-in GPS data and continuous scan mode. With the “Pin Assist” feature, it eliminates errors if you accidentally target a tree, mound, or something else in the background. No more having to worry about hitting the pin and accidentally taking the wrong club for your approach shot.  

Other Features of the Voice Caddie SL2 Laser Rangefinder

Don’t forget about these other features that make it one of the best sellers for a reason:

  • Noise filtration.
  • Accurate yardages.
  • Optical angle and high clarity lens.
  • Advanced stabilization: Shaky hands or windy conditions won’t affect this accurate rangefinder. Since it utilizes GPS data, it always ensures an accurate reading.

Alternatives to the Voice Caddie SL2

One thing is for sure, the competition for rangefinders is wildly competitive. As golf continues to grow in a post pandemic world, there are more options available than ever. But this is the official rangefinder of the LPGA Tour, so you know it’s something special.

The only problem is that it’s a steep investment for a lot of players (despite the full color clear display). Here are some of the other devices that are alternatives to the SL2 that might suit your game and budget better. 

1. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is another top choice that is loved by golfers worldwide. Like Voice Caddie, Bushnell is a very recognized name in the golf industry and has been making amazing equipment for years!

Their latest rangefinder, the Tour V5, is their latest creation. While it doesn’t offer a touch screen like the SL2, it still has plenty of amazing features and is about 40% less expensive. 

Click here to learn more about the V5 shift and our other favorite rangefinders.

2. Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS

If you prefer a golf GPS instead of a rangefinder, you can’t go wrong with the Garmin Approach G30. This small, handheld device offers a touch screen display but still compact with it’s 2.3-inch screen size. 

The Garmin G30 comes preloaded with 40,000 courses worldwide to help you navigate almost any course. It also uses advanced GPS features to quickly display distances to the green, hazards, doglegs, and more. You can also adjust the pin location to give you a more accurate reading for approach shots as well. 

Make sure to check out our review of other popular handheld gps units including the G30.

3. Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Finally, you might prefer a golf GPS watch instead of the Voice Caddie SL2 hybrid laser rangefinder. A golf watch is super convenient if you prefer to wear a watch as opposed to a rangefinder or golf GPS.

Wearables like the Garmin Approach S62 make it easy to find distances and create a strategy on each hole. IT has a large, 1.3 inch easy to read color touchscreen and interchangeable QuickFit bands.

The Garmin watch also has a “Virtual Caddie” which suggests clubs based on your typical distances and playing conditions. Not to mention, it has a “Playslike Distance” feature to account for slope as well.

The Green View feature also helps find the distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. Unfortunately, it won’t help with green undulation like the Voice Caddie Sl2. But if you want a solid GPS watch instead of a hybrid GPS device, you can’t go wrong with the S62 from Garmin.

The S62 is among our favorite golf watches, read more here.

Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder View Side

FAQs About the Voice Caddie SL2

Do you have more questions about this innovative laser rangefinder? If so, we’ll cover them in the frequently asked questions and answers below.

How long is the battery life?

Since there is a color display on this rangefinder, the battery life is different from most rangefinders on the market. Using the GPS pin assist mode, it should last up to 20 hours (about four rounds of golf). But if you choose to turn off the color touch screen, it will last up to 45 hours instead. 

The device isn’t operated with normal AA or AAA batteries. Instead, it uses a charging USB cable like your smartphone and a cable is included. 

Is this a color display?

Yes, there is a small color touch LCD screen directly underneath the scope. This is tournament legal and makes it so much easier to create a strategy for each hole. Plus, it also helps with green reading by showing slope undulations and more. 

Is this device magnetic?

It is not magnetic. You can’t clip this on to the side of the cart without some sort of accessory. But it does come with a high-quality carrying case and user manual as well. 

What are the color choices?  

Currently, the Voice Caddie SL2 is only available in white with an oak accent. No other colors at this time. But, you can accessorize it by buying one of the special edition Ryder Cup versions, which has the flag of team USA or team Europe on the side of the device. 

Are there any accessories?

Voice Caddie makes an array of different golf accessories to help elevate your game even more. Specifically, I would recommend these:

  • Voice Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor: This small, handheld device is a great way to improve each practice session and learn more about your game. This will help with practice, while the SL2 will help you on the course. Talk about a perfect 1-2 combo.
  • Voice Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor: If you want even more data in a handheld launch monitor, this is for you. It also pairs with their app to give you tons of insights into each shot you hit on the range or course. Click here to read our full review of the SC300 now. 

Final Thoughts on the Voice Caddie SL2

Is this the most advanced laser rangefinder yet?

I would have to argue yes! (Although it has some competition from the Garmin Z82.) Thanks to its pin mode, green undulation feature, ultra-high speed processor, and more, this active hybrid GPS laser is unbelievable. While the investment of the Voice Caddie SL2 is significantly higher than most rangefinders, it’s worth it. 

Remember, this is not your normal laser rangefinder to find distance readings.

Instead, this is one powerful golf device to help any player! Thanks to its course management, green reading features, target capture, and other advanced technology, it’s pretty epic.

Not to mention, it has 6X magnification, a color touchscreen display, adjusted slope compensation, and pin assist as well. Plus, it’s one of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen and sure to make a statement with your golfing buddies. 

This device will make the game a little easier and save you money on yardage books or caddies too. And if you play a lot of new courses as you travel, this is a huge advantage! 

Click here to learn more about the Voice Caddie SL2 rangefinder now. 

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