Valentine’s Day SCOOT Game for Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Valentine’s Day is perfect for getting your students excited about math. With this Valentine’s Day Multiplication and Division Word Problems Scoot Game, your class will have fun practicing their multiplication and division skills. This game is designed for third-grade and fourth-grade students but can be adapted for other grade levels. Keep reading to find out how to use this game in your classroom! 

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What is a Scoot Game?

A Scoot Game is an exciting way for students to practice basic math skills like multiplication and division word problems. It’s a timed game where students move from one desk or station to the next, answering questions along the way. As students move from one station to the next, they can practice their problem-solving skills by solving different types of multiplication and division word problems – in this case, Valentine-themed word problems with error analysis!

How Does it Work?

The Valentine’s Day Scoot game is easy to set up and play. All you need are task cards with multiplication and/or division word problems. Once you have your cards ready, set them up around the room, so each student or pair has starting location.

I usually put one task card on each student’s desk, where they begin. When it is time to start playing, each student will solve the problem at their station before scooting over to the next station until they have solved all of the problems in the game. The first student to finish all of their cards correctly wins! 

Why Use Scoot as Valentine’s Math Activity?

This activity encourages cooperative learning among your students while providing them with plenty of practice with their multiplication and division skills. It’s also great for teaching problem-solving strategies – when faced with a new card at each station, students must quickly figure out how best to solve it to move on to the next one in time! Plus, it’s lots of fun – so even those kids who don’t necessarily love math will surely enjoy it!  

What Multiplication and Division Task Cards Should You Use?

Now that you know about playing SCOOT with multiplication and division word problems – you need to have task cards for this activity!

I love using these Valentine’s themed multiplication and division word problems with error analysis. Error analysis adds a little extra challenge – but it is so worth it! Kids love finding the errors so it adds another level of engagement.

In this set, there are 18 multiplication word problems and 18 division word problems. You could play SCOOT several times using all multiplication, division, or a mix of each!

Use These Task Cards as an Assessment

Included in this Valentine’s Day math error analysis resource is a Prove It worksheet that you can use to assess each student’s ability to solve word problems containing error analysis and their mastery of multiplication word problems. On this Prove It worksheet, students will use math models to solve the problem and write to explain their process. It’s the perfect math exit ticket!

If your students struggle with word problems, you might teach them to use this framework that will help them break down the problems into manageable steps.

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time for teachers looking for ways to get their students excited about math again. With this fun Valentine’s Day Multiplication and Division Scoot Game, you’ll find that your students are engaged in learning while still having a blast playing an exciting game! So why not give it a try today? You never know – maybe Valentine’s Day will become everyone’s favorite day for math class!

Want to use these fun and engaging Valentine’s Day Multiplication and Division Word Problems in your classroom? GRAB THEM HERE!

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