This Online Group Is All About Appreciating Woodworking Skills, And Here Are Their 109 Best Posts (New Pics)

My grandfather built his house not far away from his mother's log home. When she died, he converted hers into a wood workshop. I remember going there as a child; the place seemed like another world to me. Inside, there were stacks and stacks of tools, some big, some small, and you could always smell warm and earthy scents. A birch chair in one corner, an almost finished oak table in the other. It was so peaceful.

It had been a while since I immersed myself into these memories, but as soon as I saw the subreddit r/WoodWorking, they all came rushing back to me.

This online community is dedicated to "furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession," and I have to say, its members are really, really skilled. Not as much as my grandad, of course, but almost. Continue scrolling to check out their best projects and fire up Bored Panda's earlier posts on the subreddit here and here.

#1 Dare I Say... The "Neverending Fence" Is Complete!

Image credits: magicalstickbending

#2 Longship Cradle I Made For My First Grandchild Is Complete

Image credits: Ill-Trainer-9903

#3 Owner Wanted To Cut Down The Tree For The Deck, But I Talked Him Into Building A Bench Around It Instead. I Think It Turned Out Nice And Saved The Tree

Image credits: stillcantshoot

#4 My Finished Journeyman's Piece. A Desk Made From Walnut And Ash With A Computer Inside

Image credits: Nexaner7

#5 Beautiful Project I've Been Working On For A Few Months. Thought Everyone Here Would Like To See!

Image credits: bunfunion

#6 Mandalorian Wooden Helmet. Wood Carving. Oak Wood. 6 Days Of Production

Image credits: OleksandrHrytsai

#7 Rocking Tauntaun. Poplar And Red Oak. It Was A Fun One

Image credits: SerCornballer

#8 Took A Couple Woodworking Classes 10 Years Ago And Getting Back Into It Now. Of Course I Was Commissioned To Make An Engagement Ring Box For My Bil. Made It Out Of Wenge. What I Lack In Skill I Make Up For With Unearned Confidence

Image credits: pt606

#9 DIY Pandemic Playhouse W/ Outdoor Movies

Image credits: Moodyplex

#10 Due To The High Cost Of Wood, I Decided To Make A Play House Entirely Out Of Free Pallets And Free Roofing

Image credits: DJ_poopmypants

#11 Carved A Rope And Knot From Basswood

Image credits: YouKnowWho2016

#12 Summer Project - Garden Office

Image credits: hunt_gather

#13 Wait For The Flip! Salvaged Wood, Hollow-Frame 7’2”surfboard

Image credits: ventanasurfboards

#14 Finally I Can Show Off My Final Project Of My Apprenticeship

Image credits: Chko123

#15 Me - Carving Epic Fighting Scene: Goku vs. Vegeta - Out Of Wood

Image credits: DWoodartstudio

#16 Reflections Of Perspective 150x90cm Complete. An Artdeco Inspired Piece

Image credits: lifeinlayers

#17 New Build Just About Done. Ash Body, Koa Pickgaurd, Ebony Neck And Cocobolo Fretboard

Image credits: Harmishguitars

#18 I Carved This Hellboy & Wolverine Cigar Holder Out Of Padauk And Hornbeam Wood

Image credits: RadonLab

#19 Depression And Woodworking: I've Suffered For Years With Depression & Anxiety. My Shop Has Been A Mess For As Long As I've Had A Shop Which Only Made It Worse. The Last Few Days I've Put A Ton Of Work Into Revamping My Shop & Making It A Source Of Joy & Not A Source Of Anxiety. Details In Captions

Image credits: BTLDAD

#20 What Do Y'all Think Of This Serving Tray I Made?

Image credits: simon5678

#21 I Designed And Built This 4' Plant Shelf Myself; Curly & Hard Maple, With Maple Plywood Parts

Image credits: OverZealousCreations

#22 Putting My Precision Woodworking Skills To The Test (Tiny V8 Engine)

Image credits: simas1014

#23 How I Open My Beers

Image credits: assgoblinface

#24 Trust The Process

Image credits: joe-welly

#25 Finished My Custom Butcherblock Desk/Floating Wall Design!

Image credits: ronimal48

#26 Wayfair Said The Outdoor Sofa Wouldn’t Arrive Until September, So I Took Matters Into My Own Hands. I Found Simple Plans On Youtube. This Was My First Time Ever Using A Saw…

Image credits: fppfle

#27 Turned My TV Into A Nintendo Switch

Image credits: dlee03

#28 I Carved A Tiny Maple Owl

Image credits: seanpt3009

#29 I’m A Beginner, This Is My First Time Not Half-Assing Out Of Frustration

Image credits: sloppyjoesandwich

#30 Got My First Display In A Local Store!

Image credits: Chronicpaincarving

#31 I Build Tiny Houses And This Is My Latest. 24ft Trailer With Lots Of Custom Details

Image credits: SpartacusTiny

#32 It's Far From Perfect And Not Finished Yet, But I'm Really Trying To Make My Parents' Porch Look Better

Image credits: AnnyLam

#33 Just Had Our Second Kid So I Lost My Office. Made This Murphy Style Desk To Save Space In Our Bedroom. It’s Made From Cherry That I Milled Myself With An Alaskan Mill From A Tree In My Dads Yard That Fell About A Year Ago

Image credits: Leadpainteater

#34 Couldn’t Find One So I Made It

Image credits: sawyerdesign

#35 Just Finished This Jewelry Box For My Grandma. Made Mainly Of Oak From The Stairs Of Her Old House

Image credits: ilcadm

#36 African Mahogany + White Cord Entry Way Bench

Image credits: Schmidtgoods

#37 An Inside/Outside Shot Of The Shop Door I Made. It's Poplar, Black Walnut, And Multiple Resin Fills. Natural Light Comes Through The Blue Bits. They Also Glow In The Dark

Image credits: highsierra3b

#38 The House Isn't Much But I Am Pretty Proud Of This Porch I Built. Red Cedar And More Than A Couple Grks

Image credits: JaquesPackage

#39 A Nintendo 64 Coffee Table I Made For My Game Room

Image credits: gippy44

#40 Finished Two Of These Bad Oscars A Couple Weeks Ago. Floating Bedside Tables In Walnut With New Guinea Walnut Pulls. Finished With Osmo

Image credits: tommywoodchip

#41 My Magnum Opus / Quarantine Project: Custom Game Table, In Walnut And Cherry

Image credits: NorthMtnStudios

#42 Nightlight I Made For My Wife. Why Buy One For $3.99 When You Can Make One For 30 Bucks And 10 Hours In The Shop?

Image credits: anonymoususer1776

#43 We Just Finished Up Rapunzels Tower And Cottage Playhouse. Next Up A Bit Of Landscaping

Image credits: AwkwardMethod

#44 Solid Walnut Dining Table I Made

Image credits: coffeebic

#45 I Made This For My Girlfriend And I'm Really Proud, Not Gonna Lie. 24"X48" With Rings For Holding Potted Plants

Image credits: Ryguychu

#46 Finally Chopped A Monkey Pod Slab That’s Been Sitting In The Rafters For A While

Image credits: AxiomDev

#47 First Project! Sofa Arm Tray With A Slot For The Phone And A Little Gap For A Glass/Cup. Made Of Laminated Bamboo Wood And A Strip Of Recycled Beech Wood In The Miter Joint. Looks Simple But Has Some Complex Details

Image credits: astillaestudio

#48 Thanks To You All, And Your Massive Love For My First Piece, I’ve Stuck With It. I’ve Refined My Process,so I Bit The Bullet And Built One Out Of Walnut

Image credits: Acecarpenter

#49 I've Been Wanting To Do A Two Tier Pergola Design For A While, Finally Had A Homeowner That Let Me Run With It

Image credits: stillcantshoot

#50 I Carved A Trefoil Knot Out Of A Solid Piece Of Cherry

Image credits: heritageoak

#51 I Don't Do Many Out Door Showers As A Cabinet Maker, But When One Of Your Good Customers Says Cost Is No Issue, I Try My Best

Image credits: headyorganics

#52 It's Not My Finest Work, But I Like It Anyway! I Was Looking For A Fun Way To Hang My Extinguisher In My Shop!

Image credits: FabienPohl

#53 I Rebuilt An Outdoor Shower

Image credits: el_dpalablo

#54 Little Folding Table

Image credits: davidf37

#55 Finished Oak Desk Area For A Local School Library

Image credits: ElFunkioJunkio

#56 Me (2nd Year Apprenticeship) And My Father (40+ Years Experience As Woodworker) Made This Vintage TV Stand Together ! I Draw It My Self And He Helped Me Make It Real

Image credits: totifle

#57 A Bowl I Made In School 40 Years Ago. I Was Very Proud Then And Tbh I’m Still Pretty Happy About It, Flaws And All

Image credits: ondulation

#58 Staff Of Destruction vs. Dragon Priest Staff. My Recent Projects Inspired From The Video Game Skyrim

Image credits: t_sekuloski

#59 I Built A Screened In Porch On The Backside Of My Cabin

Image credits: morphinebysandman

#60 Career Change! Wish I Would Of Done It Sooner. After A Year Of Being An Apprentice In A Cabinet Shop, This Is My Big Project On My Own. From Design To Build To Finishing

Image credits: LittleShallot8902

#61 'piggy'-Bank I Made For My Son

Image credits: gridr_ch

#62 Coffee Infused Serving Tray (Made With Walnut, Coffee Beans, And Epoxy Resin)

Image credits: shamgar_bn

#63 Amateur’s Attempt At A Birdhouse Modeled After My House

Image credits: bryan36m

#64 First House, First Piece Of Furniture (Cherry TV Console)

Image credits: BTEdeHamerman

#65 My PC Is Now Protected From My Cats

Image credits: Jamie_Moriarty

#66 You've Seen My New Workbench, Now Here's The Mini Replica I Made For My 2yo Son!

Image credits: ytan9

#67 Saw It On Amazon, Decided I Could Do It Better

Image credits: Gravity-Pit

#68 Box I Finished A Few Weeks Ago. First Time Actually Getting Good Joinery (Not My First Try)!

Image credits: simon5678

#69 After Some Very Appreciated Angle Math From Another Redditer I Final Finished The Curved Path!

Image credits: Perryk1000

#70 A Little Key Holder I Made Recently Just For Fun. Used 15 Degree Compound Bevel Cuts To Hold The Keys In Place. Fun Little Project With A Lot Of Trial And Error To Get It “Right”

Image credits: wicks_woodworks

#71 Covid Project

Image credits: kanyewestie

#72 This Was My Everest. After 2.5 Months Of Work, Yesterday I Finished And Installed This

Image credits: Dimsdale53

#73 My First Table. What Do You Think?

Image credits: JWind93

#74 Fence I Made. 450 Feet Long. Took 3 Months To Build And Put Up

Image credits: Interesting-Spot-494

#75 My Two Hobbies Are Dnd And Woodworking. Here's My Prototype For A Spiral Staircase Dice Tower

Image credits: Kalimnos

#76 Working On A Folding Chair Design, Sometimes You Get Too Confident In The Prototype...

Image credits: Algierus

#77 First Time Building Drawers, Lesson Learnt, Always Account For The Undermount Slides

Image credits: sawyerdesign

#78 Had The Final Exam Of My 3 Year Carpentry Apprenticeship Today. We Built This In 6,5 Hours… I‘Ve Never Had To Work So Fast Yet Precise Before

Image credits: aka_relaxo

#79 My Zebrawood Countertops I Fitted In My Kitchen Last Year

Image credits: Johnhorton1983

#80 Update After 6 Months: The Tray Still Fits Nicely

Image credits: Estragon94

#81 2nd One Complete. This One Is For My Daughters Birthday. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: doparopekop

#82 My First Attempt At A Bed

Image credits: jp___gaming

#83 Floating Dock. Not Sure If This Counts

Image credits: abefroman5665

#84 My Wife Said Absolutely No To The Slabs When I Was Picking Them, I Present The Georgia O’keefe Spalted Maple Dining Table

Image credits: srslylookatmywood

#85 My Latest Hub-Less Wooden Geodesic Dome Design!

Image credits: johnnybagels

#86 Made A Fashion Mirror For My Daughter... Critiques Welcome!

Image credits: 0Morning_Wood0

#87 Using A Few Chisels And A Knife I Carved This Little Bust Of Luca

Image credits: clintseed

#88 I Made It Sturdy Enough To Hold Baby Books, I Didn’t Anticipate His Desire To Immediately Rip It From The Wall

Image credits: FetaOnEverything

#89 I Made This Orca Music Box

Image credits: dilettantetaun

#90 The Board Is Complete!! Walnut, Resin, Resin Printed Pieces. Was A Lot Of Fun. First Resin Project For Wood, And First Print Job Off My Resin Printer

Image credits: damantea

#91 Took Some Feedback From My First Build And Made A Few More Fallout Nuka Cola Clocks

Image credits: EverlongJosh

#92 Another Patterned Serving Tray. At Least 1,000 Pieces I Would Guess

Image credits: simon5678

#93 My New Workbench! Made From 100 Year Old Reclaimed Australian Hardwood

Image credits: bailey_built

#94 Made This Spider-Man Bentwood Ring Using African Padauk And Inlayed It With Campo Del Cielo Meteorite. Yes, I Lined The Inside With A Comic Book Page. I Call These "Secret Identity" Rings. Thoughts?

Image credits: OddwoodDesign

#95 300 Knife Holder

Image credits: Glewun

#96 My Daughter Wasn't So Happy About The Bike, But I Turned That $60 Bike Into A $900 Commission

Image credits: chadscustomcreations

#97 Had Fun Making This TV Unit This Week

Image credits: -Dream-Weaver-

#98 Solar System Wall Art

Image credits: Vegetable-Mountain71

#99 My Dad And I Built This Stuff Years Ago. I’m Housesitting Now For My Parents While My Dad Awaits A New Liver, So Naturally I’m Sitting On The Floor, In Tears, Photographing Everything More Chairs To Make, Dad

Image credits: Chrissyml1

#100 Bay Window Seating Area

Image credits:

#101 First Piece Of Furniture I Made, My Dad Was Very Proud

Image credits: NessianWarden

#102 First Build My Wife Allowed Me To Put Inside Our Living Room. Changing Table For Our First Born!

Image credits: stijnnoot

#103 I Became Legally Blind Almost 2 Years Ago I Started Woodworking A Year Ago Here Is My Latest Masterpiece

Image credits: ubergeekydad

#104 Starred Making Pipes To Sell, This Is My First Batch, I Use Scrap Wood Mostly And Some Skateboards

Image credits: LeonS96

#105 Finally Finished Up An Enclosed Shoe Bench For The Front Entry

Image credits: Saltimir

#106 I Don’t Pretend To Understand My Wife’s Hobby. But Mine Is Woodworking, And When She Asks Me To Make A Windowsill Box To “Charge And Cleanse” Her Crystals, That’s What I Do

Image credits: ajcpullcom

#107 My Toolboxes, Thought I’d Share!

Image credits: juuzo-kun

#108 When You Can't Decide On A Bookcase So You And Your Husband Just Make One

Image credits: DilutedFlower

#109 A Few End Grain Cutting Boards I Made From Walnut, Cherry And Maple

Image credits: woodworkobsession