The Sun The Wind and The Flowers

Do you and your students like the action rhymes I share with you? They are great for integrating a range of skills and let students become active with their learning - combining movement, language and literacy. Lots of mine have math and number concepts embedded too.

Print them at 60% and punch a hole in the corner. Pop them on a giant paper clip and you have them at your fingertips and can easily hook them to you teacher instructional trolley or easel - at the small group learning table too.

I have a no prep game you can play after 10 Happy Flowers!

spelling game first grade

It's a game for reviewing spelling words - maybe sight words, theme words or decodable words. Whatever you are working on. With a few tweaks you could use it for 3 or 4 digit numbers too. 

The Sun, The Wind and The Flowers

You need:
  • chart paper, a white board or easel
  • pen
  • list of words
  • sun (I used the tracing page that is free in the Coloring Club to make this one)
Students will:
  • spell familiar and unfamiliar words
  • identify letters and letter-sounds
To play:
  • one student is the sun and can hold it (you could also use a Sunshine Stick)
  • the sun (with the teachers help if needed) draws dashes on the board to represent a chosen word (use a word list if needed - in the example below I have chosen 'the')
  • flowers are drawn beneath the dashes 
  • the rest of the class is the wind
  • the wind calls: 
The wind is going to blow, 1, 2, 3 - t (or any other letter)
  • if there is a 't' in the chosen word the sun writes it in every place it appears
  • if no 't' appears, a flower is erased (blown down)
  • play continues with letters being called until either the word can be guessed, revealed or all the flowers are blown down
  • a new sun is chosen to create a new word

10 flowers action rhyme

no prep review game for monday morning

I hope your students love this fun word review game - and the action rhyme!