The Nintendo Switch Now Has a Calculator App (But It Isn’t Cheap)

At last! Your dreams of performing complex algebraic calculations via your Nintendo Switch have come true, as the console gets its very own calculator app... at a price.

Nintendo Switch Gets an Expensive Calculator

(56/3) x 15. cosh(2x)=cosh2x+sinh2x. The internal area of a Triforce. These are all, understandably, problems which plague every Switch owner while they're storming around Hyrule or pounding mushrooms in Fossil Falls.

Well, worry no longer, because for the bargain (?) price of just $10 you can exit your game and deal with pressing math issues swiftly and succinctly, thanks to the Nintendo Switch's new Calculator app.

That's right, Switch-owning math bods, now you can ruin your fun with numerical problem solving. What a time to be alive!

Why Would You Want a Nintendo Switch Calculator?

OK so perhaps we're being a little unfair here. The Switch has a range of useful apps that everyone should check out, so adding a calculator sort of makes sense. You can see it has its applications beyond just being a calculator. Even if it does cost $10.

Say, for example, you are home schooling a child who'd rather be playing video games than solving arithmetic. Well, you can include the Switch in the learning process, using the calculator to do so. It isn't exactly the primary fun reason Nintendo developed the Switch, but the app could be useful here.

It could also help you work out some quick sums while you are playing a game that involves any sort of trading, or working out how many more experience points you need to level up a character.

However, these are all pretty tangential uses for an app that will set you back $10 and immediately sucks every ounce of fun out of the Switch... why don't you just use a calculator or your smartphone?

The Nintendo eShop Calculator listing isn't much help. The description starts by saying:

A scientific calculator with a clear easy-to-read multi-line display, which should help with those not-so-easy-to-do maths problems.

What, while you're in the middle of a Switch marathon? It continues:

Calculator has an appealing modern and practical design, sure to be popular with all students and engineers.

This writer is a qualified former civil engineer, and he can't imagine whipping his Switch out on a construction site to calculate ground load quickly. Also, don't expect to take your Switch into your SAT exam.

The calculator isn't even nice to look at, awash with dull browns and muted grays (although the equals button is an exciting shade of orange). Why isn't it customizable with famous Nintendo characters or themes, at least?

Now You Can Get the Nintendo Switch Calculator

Although why you would actually want to do that is another matter. As mentioned, use your smartphone calculator to solve quick math problems and spend that $10 on, you know, a game.