The Easiest Way to Use Halloween Math Activities

Teaching kids anything during fun holidays like Halloween is a teacher’s nightmare – right? They have way more important things on their minds than your math lesson. That’s why the easiest way to keep students learning during this holiday is with Halloween Math Activities that you can use in math centers.

Your students can have the Halloween-themed activities they love and you can be sure they are engaging in authentic math content.

Whenever I am planning for math centers, I set up 5 centers that my students will rotate through during one calendar week.

Here’s an example of my schedule on an ongoing basis:

  1. Math Task Cards
  2. Math Games
  3. Digital Math Practice
  4. Multiplication Fluency Practice
  5. Teacher Center – for remediation and acceleration

Keeping this template makes it easy to just change out the activities throughout the school year.

Halloween Centers Schedule

Math Center #1 – Task Cards

Since Halloween lands during our multiplication unit – I use these Fall Fact Family Task Cards in this center. It’s great practice for my students – especially as a preview of our division unit that is beginning in November.

To increase the rigor of this activity – I require students to draw a math model to help them solve the missing number.

Math Center #2 – Math Games

I love to include math games in my centers because kids love them and it’s an engaging way for them to practice math skills.

There are 5 different multiplication games in this resource, so you can change it out each day. Your students will get valuable practice with facts 0-5, 6-10, multiplying 2 factors, error analysis, and rolling the dice for factors.

Math Center #3 – Digital Math Practice

One of my math centers is always on the computer or IPad, so this set of Halloween Math Task Cards in Google Forms is great for practice and you can also use them for assessment!

There are 20 task cards each for:

  • Place Value
  • Rounding
  • Multiplication
  • Division

This activity is perfect for differentiation because of the variety of skills. Some students still need practice with place value and rounding and it’s so easy to do that with this no prep, paperless resource!

Math Center #4 – Multiplication Fact Fluency

This center is ongoing in my 3rd-grade classroom because there are always some facts that my students need to work on – addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. What I love about this center is that it is so easy to prep! Grab some popsicle sticks – colored or plain, some cute seasonal erasers at Target or Walmart, and notebook paper. That’s it. Prep the sticks once and you are done.

When we begin our multiplication unit, I put popsicle sticks with multiplication facts for 0 – 3. Later, I add on 4, 5, 6, and so on.

You would think that this would be an easy center, but it takes a lot of practice for our students to memorize their multiplication facts. Weekly practice in this center helps a lot.

More multiplication fluency practice is here in this post – Multiplication Fact Practice with a Twist!

Math Center #5 – Teacher Center for Remediation and Acceleration

This center is teacher-led and changes constantly based on formative assessments that are done throughout the instructional cycle.

To keep it in the Halloween spirit during this week, I will use the Halloween Task Cards that students are practicing with on Google Forms – but with printable task cards. This way I can differentiate the tasks and the support is given to my students.

If they need additional work with place value and rounding, I can use these task cards:

Can’t you just see how much fun your students will have with these Halloween centers?

All of the Halloween Math Center activities that I am using in my math centers are listed here:

Fall Fact Family Task Cards

Halloween Math Task Cards

Fall Multiplication Math Games

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