Thankful Thursday | Oh hey, open windows!

This week, I am thankful…

for some fall-like weather

acorn in Kristen's hand.

Yesterday when I woke up, it was in the low 60s and I WAS SO HAPPY.

And when I walked to and from class, I felt so good outside.

Today promises to be even more lovely. Ohhhh yessss.

that my air conditioning is off for the moment

I think we are entering a string of days where I won’t have to run my A/C at all. Yay for saving on electricity!

that my tire pressure has been fine since last week

My low-pressure light came on last week, and it turned out that one of my tires was five pounds low.

I checked them all, added air to the one that was low, and so far, all has been well.

dirty car tire

It’s a little weird that one of them lost more air than the others, so of course, I will keep an eye on my tire pressure.

But I’m glad that it appears nothing is wrong.

for the Kahoot games my professor has made for us

My microbiology professor has fun interactive quiz games for us each week, and I think these are super helpful. The gamification of the studying does make it more fun!

Plus, I hear that some of these Kahoot questions are going to be on the exams, so hopefully, my multiple practice attempts each week will pay off when the exams roll around.

that I’ve been doing math with my kids for years

My chemistry class is currently swimming in unit conversions, and I have been feeling thankful that I am not at all rusty on this concept.

Saxon Algebra

The reason I’m good at unit conversions

These conversions are a little more complicated than what my kids have been doing, but at least I have the basic idea about unit conversions down pat.

I am also grateful that my professor gave us a printable list of conversions to use during homework and exams. This means that I do not have to memorize things like the fact that 1 pound = 453.6 grams or that 1 quart = 0.9464 liters.

that Thursday is my last day of class for the week

I have no classes on Friday, which is lovely! That way I have a day to focus just on homework.

Also, I’m really thankful I only have my three-hour microbiology lab once per week.

that college semesters aren’t terribly long

I dislike my online chemistry class for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that I don’t have to be in this class for super long! The semester will be entirely over in just three more months.

that Sonia likes all of her law classes

She’s working on getting her paralegal right now, and so she’s taking lots of law classes. This sounds so super boring to me, but she really loves what she’s learning!

This reminds me of how wonderful it is that we are all designed to do different things in life. Lisey loves working on planes, but she’d be miserable trying to be a nurse.

And I love learning about the human body, but I’d hate learning about the law stuff that Sonia is doing.

What are you thankful for this week?

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