Sewcialites 2 Quilt Along

Butternut and slate (1)

This is my latest fabric acquisition, Buttercup and Slate by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts. It was hard to justify the purchase when I have a closet bulging with fabric, but I did it anyway. My bedroom has green walls and a quilt with green in it looks ever so nice there. I've purchased a couple other of Corey's collections and have some leftover fabric that I can add into the mix of this new group.


I am not going to admit which is the chicken and which is the egg, but Fat Quarter Shop just announced that they are going to do a second Sewcialites sew along, starting this month. This is the setting they are proposing, and I thought the Buttercup and Slate fabric would work well for this sampler project. I plan to make my quilt bed-sized with the addition of a coordinating floral border. The larger stars will be green grey, apricot, and yellow tone on tone prints from the line. It will be so pretty in my bedroom next summer.

Not much going on here. Eva had a home basketball game yesterday and I was amazed at how exciting it was and how much fun I had. My fanny is sore from scooching around on the hard bench, and my throat a bit scratchy from cheering, but woo hoo, was it ever a thrill. Her team, the Mark Twain Badgers, won by one point against the Copperopolis Cougars! Now I can't wait to support her at the next game. There are a couple of girls on her team who are on the short side, but man are they fast and coordinated. It was thrilling to watch them dribble up and down the court and shoot baskets. When they do amazing things, good athletes have such a cool "oh, right, it's nothing" attitude don't they? So not like me.  lol  When I played basketball at that age, I stood like an unmoving lump on the court and was anything but cool. Seriously I was a hazard the other girls had to run around.

We made banana muffins today in the hour and a half between when she got out of school and had to return for practice.  She got her mid-term grades and got all A+s except for a B in Math. I guess we did something right in the homeschooling effort over the past two years.