September 2021 in Review

Okay, this is how crazy my month is, I’m finally sitting down and writing this on October 5. Some of this is because I poorly planned the end of the month, and some is because I came up with this genius idea for a project, that I focused way too much time on with a plan to release it on October 1, and then realized it was too large of a scope of a project to accomplish in that time.

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Week 1

I planned for the kids to read The Great Gatsby this month, but they all rebelled saying they didn’t want to read it. I don’t remember exactly their reasons why, but they didn’t. Superman decided to read All Quiet on the Western Front, which I didn’t want to reread after having read it in high school and found it god-awful-depressing, that is an exact quote from me. Superman apparently did not find it anywhere near as depressing as I did. We’re actually watching the movie on Friday.

Batman wanted to read War Horse, a book I haven’t read, but I saw the movie and came out so incredibly depressed, I also described that one as god-awful-depressing, and no way will I watch that movie again, which caused Batman to dig in all the more and insist on reading the book. We are discussing what we’ll watch instead of War Horse again, because seriously I don’t want to. You can’t make me. We’re debating between watching 1917 or Alvin York, though that movie focuses more on his early life.

The Artist after much debate decided to read Beowulf, which was an odd choice from her, I think she was remembering the OSP Beowulf summary, which is rather hilarious. We’re going to watch 13th Warrior, which is an adaptation of Beowulf with Vikings, and Jeff super loves. I don’t know quite what version I would pick otherwise for it. Hmmm, there is this one on Amazon Prime, but Jeff would be super disappointed we don’t watch 13th Warrior (I did mention to Batman someone should read Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton which was him trying to write a new version of the classic tale.

But in other news we learned about Japan, and I attempted to make Japanese pancakes, which apparently are this super popular item recently with lots of videos on how to make them and then debunking videos on how that video won’t really make them. Either way, mine did not turn out right.

Jeff and went to downtown Austin to watch a 3 woman production of Macbeth, which was amazing. I really liked the woman playing Lady Macbeth.

In the top right corner, you can see my project. I’m creating an Advent project, and I had like 5 different versions of this, and versions for each of the Sundays that Advent starts on, and somehow I was going to miraculously get it all done by October 1, which obviously didn’t happen. So, I’ve scaled it back for now, and I have two different versions I’m going to release, and only the dates for this year with Advent starting on November 28.

Leezard has become amazing at trying to steal food, and so we’re trying to retrain her, with somewhat limited success, but she always has such a sad face when we do this to her.

And then, we had our power go out that weekend. Of course, it was Labor Day weekend, and of course, it was the hottest weekend of the summer. It was miserable. They weren’t able to come out and fix it until Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday. It was a long time.

Week 2

I FINALLY made our dessert for Burundi, I kept buying the 4 bananas you need to make this, and the kids kept eating them before I could make the dessert. It only took me an entire month after we studied the country.

Then I went to Sams Club with my Mom and found this pumpkin spice ravioli, I don’t even know what that is or what it would taste like.

The Artist and I went to a 9/11 parade and ceremony together with her American Heritage Girls troop, she just loved me grabbing her to take a picture.

Then the next day she was volunteered to take part in an art competition at youth group, and was SOOOOO excited by that.

That bottom right picture is a hilarious meme about youth groups, or I thought it was hilarious: Youth pastors before the camp game begins: Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

And that bottom middle is Leezard and Romeo discovering the hole in the fence, right before they took themselves on a bit of a walk about in the neighborhood.

Week 3

We had the first teen hangout for the school year, and like happens with so many homeschoolers, they were late, so my kids sat there for ages with just them before finally having friends show up.

We learned about Burkina Faso, I know most of what I talk about for school is geography, and that’s because I don’t really take pictures of the kids doing their other schoolwork. It’s a lot of looking at computer screens as they take their college classes or some math lessons on the computer or reading a book.

I accidentally spilled some coffee grounds on the floor and the dogs happily ate it up, which was a little worrying.

And then the bottom right picture is from an outing with the girls I disciple to find dresses for Pretty Dress Day, and here they’re all trying on some ridiculously huge shoes that made them all laugh.

Week 4

We finished off September with losing internet for two days. I took advantage of the time by having the boys do some math puzzles on Beast Academy Playground. It was a fun challenge. Then we played a Roman history game (which I totally forget the name, but it’s fun and challenging to win).

That middle picture is of Jordanian mansaf recipe

We had a couple of fun meals, we learned about Brazil again, so I remade our dish from like 10 years ago when we were going Around the World in 12 Dishes. I’d forgotten how good that meal was.

The middle row picture on the right is from when we took The Artist to see Dear Evan Hansen, I told her the fee to go see it on Thursday was to take a picture with me. She rolled her eyes and obliged.

And that was September for us.

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