Scarecrow Worksheets and Activities

It’s Scarecrow Week! Every day this week I will be sharing scarecrow worksheets and activities. This collection focuses on math skills and coding activities. While several of the sets were designed for younger children, others have worksheets for older and younger children.

Recently I heard from a reader who used one of my coding sets with children much older than I had designed them for and they were hit. So, it is really up to you to decide which set fits your needs.

End of a Month of Printable Sharing

Both 3 Dinosaurs and I started sharing a month’s worth of worksheets and activities three weeks ago. Before Scarecrow Week, there was Apple Week, Farm Week, and Woodland Animal Week. Between the two of us, we shared ten worksheets each week. My worksheets have focused on STEM-related pages. 3 Dinosaurs have explored a variety of basic skills.

Scarecrow Worksheets and Activities

The links learning sets for each day will be placed under the day it is shared. First, the set from JDaniel4’s Mom will be listed. The second set for the day will come from 3 Dinosaurs.


Color By Code Scarecrow Pictures by JDaniel4’s Mom


Scarecrow Algorithm Game Boards by JDaniel4’s Mom


Scarecrow and Crows Match Muffin Tin Activity by JDaniel4’s Mom


Scarecrow Math Concepts Activity by JDaniel4’s Mom


Decorating a Scarecrow Based on an Algorithm by JDaniel4’s Mom

Other Scarecrow Worksheets and Activities

First, you will want to check out the new worksheets and activities. Next, I hope you will check out these older scarecrow worksheets and activities. They represent only a few of the activities that fit this theme on my blog. Finally, I hope you will search the blog for other books, coding printables, and math activities. This blog has featured many activities that focus on those themes.

Free Printable Interactive Math Worksheets

Ruler Game- Measuring in Farm Units

Free printable word games - sight word scarecrow

Scarecrow Sight Word Activity

Crafts for Kids- Paper Bag Scarecrow

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft

Building Background

Here is a collection of books with a scarecrow theme that you may want to read to your students.

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