Scarecrow and Crows Number Match Muffin Tin Activity

This scarecrow and crows number match activity features one of my favorite learning tools. Yes, I muffin tin is one of my favorite tools. Many activities feature using the front of a muffin tin and the back of a muffin tin. The scarecrow and crows number match activity can use both.

How to Explore the Scarecrow and Crows Number Match Activity

Below you will find several number matching activities that you can do with the scarecrow and crows sets. After matching the numbers it would be great to have children count from one to ten by touching the cup that features that number.

Using the Front of the Muffin Tin

Either of the crow number circles or the scarecrow number circle can be placed into each muffin cup. The numbers can be arranged in the cups in order or randomly. If your children are at a stage where they are learning numbers sequentially you will want them in sequence. If you are working on number representation, you may want them random. Children will not have the number and objects in the previous cup giving them a hint as to how many objects place in this one.

After the numbers are arranged, you can ask your children to place objects that equal each number into each cup.

Using the Back of the Muffin Tin

Any of sets of scarecrow and crows circles can be placed on a muffin tin cup. Then your children can place each circle match from one of the other sets.

You may find that it is easier for your children to lift the circles off the back of the muffin tin rather than out of a muffin cup. Sometimes it the circles can get bent or ripped while they are being removed from the cups if they are not laminated or your children are rushing.

Number to Picture

Children can place scarecrow circle on each of the muffin cups. Next, they can place one of the crow sets on top of the scarecrow. Once again, you can have the numbers in order or randomly. Finally, you can have them add the corresponding number of objects if you think they will not slide or roll off.

Picture to Picture

The two crow sets can be used to create a matching activity. Children can located the crow picture that matches it. The smaller numbers have only a few objects. They will be easy to match. The circles with a number of crows will require counting the crows to see if they have the same number.

Getting the Scarecrow and Crows Number Match Sets

First, you will need to download the set.

Second, if you don’t have Acrobat Reader you will need to download it. The algorithm page is an Acrobat Reader PDF file.

Third, you must go to your download file and open the page.  You may be asked if you want the file to open right after you download it. You won’t have to hunt for it in your download file if you are.

Building Background

Below you will find a number of children books about crows. You may want to read one of them to your children before starting this activity.

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