Save 82% on a lifetime subscription to the iScanner app

iPhone on notepaper

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the iScanner app is on sale for £30.96, saving you 82% on list price.

We've all been there. You need to scan something, but you no longer have a printer with the scanner on top. A quick search on the App Store yields lots of scanning apps, but it can be hard to pick one that doesn't charge a hefty monthly fee. That's where the iScanner app sets itself apart.

Not only does this game-changing scanning app offer unique features that other scanner apps don't, but it also has a lifetime subscription available that makes it much more affordable to operate. On the heels of the brand new feature, the new geometric dewarping algorithm, a lifetime subscription to the iScanner app is currently available for just £30.96 for a limited time. 

Though on its face a scanning app doesn't sound super exciting, the perks of this particular app and its AI additions make it a must-have for anyone who's ever had to scan a document on the go.

The recently released dewarping feature has changed the game. You'll be able to fix scans that were taken from crooked or bent pages, skewed perspectives, and more. The optimisation used in the dewarping tool produces high-resolution images and seamlessly transfers them into an editable PDF. This digital tool transforms your Apple product into a powerful digital office, thanks to the magic of AI. This advancement in technology makes high-quality scans of important documents, educational materials, to-do lists, or anything else you need to scan easily accessible, while also letting you edit, mark up, and share them. 

This scanner app sets itself apart with the ability to count similar objects and solve math problems and equations, making it an excellent pick for students or business owners. 

See what all the fuss is about AI and secure a lifetime of convenient scanning, counting, and more with a lifetime subscription to iScanner App for just £30.96 for a limited time.