Puppy Needs Love and Play

 This week you can talk to your children about the needs of their pets with the Quick Craft that has been added to the Pond Coloring Club. It's Love Your Pet Day this week!

You may like to break the craft completion up over several days:

  • share a book and talk about the needs of living things
  • make a collaborative classroom chart to record some details about the needs of living things / pets / animals
  • link the chart construction into your literacy program by linking it with your reading and writing instruction
  • ask questions and have students retrieve information from the chart to answer or elaborate further (talking and listening)
  • talk about pets at home and their needs
  • write a list of the main needs of pets (water, food, shelter, love/care, play/exercise)
  • show students the Quick Craft and provide time and space for them to paint the puppy - you can set up a painting table and let a few students at a time paint or do as a whole class 
  • before writing, coloring or cutting use it during your small-group math time

Math Warm Up - Puppy Likes a Pattern

  • review repeating patterns with your students
  • suggest that patterns do not always follow a straight, horizontal line - some go in a circle - e.g. necklace, rim of a vase, belt, the edge of a cake etc
  • ask students to make a repeating pattern with some counters you provide
  • encourage them to make the pattern around the circle that puppy is holding on their craft
  • ask them to describe the pattern to you
  • talk about how the pattern is continuous 
  • students could draw the pattern on the circle with pencils or crayons
pet craft

pet craft

  • after the math lesson, have your students write the needs of their pet or an animal of their choice and finish coloring their craft ready for display with the collaborative class chart you made
If you're not yet in the Pond Coloring Club, we'd love to have you join! 

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