Pirate Treasure Math Game

Here is a number game that can be played with the Pirate Treasure coloring page in our free coloring club library

Each student has a page and access to treasure (counters) and a die. 
  • take turns to roll the die
  • identify the number
  • count the matching number of coins (counters)
  • add to your treasure chest
  • encourage students to talk about how many they have in total on each new roll, and how many needed to fill their board

addition game worksheet

To make the game more exciting, add a Pop Up Pirate (commercially available toy) and after each turn, students push a sword in, if the pirate pops, all treasure is cleared from their board! 

The first player to fill their treasure chest may be declared the winner. 

pirate math game

And of course, students will love coloring their page after!

You could also ask students to:
  • write numbers in each square on their chest
  • color a repeating pattern on the squares
  • write a number pattern on the squares