Pattern Block Shapes

Do your students love working with pattern blocks? They are a great math manipulative to have in your classroom for a myriad of shape and number activities and lessons. They are also perfect for free play and exploration.

pattern blocks

We have a new activity in our growing collection of resources to support your teaching with pattern blocks. 

Your students will love arranging, flipping and rotating pattern block shapes to create the arrangements shown on each of these cards! We've included 108 different cards - use all of them or a smaller selection.

They will make a pattern, count the blocks and then find another pattern card with the same number of blocks. 

Once made you have the opportunity to talk about how many shapes have been used altogether (early addition) and doubling a number. 
pattern block activities

Here you can see 2 patterns that use 6 shapes. 12 shapes have been used altogether. 
pattern shape activities

pattern matching

This printable packet is available in our store now for you and includes:
  • 108 game cards (2 to a page)
  • game play instructions
  • cover page
  • optional worksheet for students to complete after the game