Numbers 1 to 5 Math Craft

caterpillar craft

Count to 5 forward or back with our caterpillar cutie!

count to 5

kindergarten math craft

After painting, coloring, cutting and gluing your learners can add crayon detail and track the numbers (write with a single stroke inside the bubble writing) too!

counting to 5

Why not count by 5 when they’re all made and on display too!

This page is in the coloring club library!

math craft

To follow up and extend the learning in this activity, here are 3 fast-prep game activities to play with simple classroom equipment.

Caterpillar's Circles

  • give each student some counters/math chips
  • point to a number on the caterpillar - e.g. 3
  • students say the number (numeral recognition)
  • students make a group of counters to match (they take 3 counters from their pile and set it apart)

Before and After

  • play at the small group table
  • each student has their caterpillar for reference
  • you call a number and they tell you the number that comes after - e.g. you call 3, they say 4
  • challenge them by asking for the number before
  • this is a good foundation for early addition and subtraction

Roll and Cover

  • play a roll and cover game for numbers 1-6
  • find the free game mat HERE