Number Bus Games

In our TpT store we are sharing a free digital number activity with you! It will help students understand the relationship between numbers and quantities by drawing them on a ten frame. 

They will:
  • say the number on the bus
  • draw dots or kids on the window ten frame to match
  • count to check the total
You can use it digitally through the Easel by TpT tool (which integrates with any LMS you're using). 

Each bus on the slides shows a number from 1 to 10. 

numbers to ten

Here are some bus-themed math warm up ideas for you too!

On the Bus - Ordinal Position of Numbers

Select some students to play. They line up 'on the bus'. Give verbal instructions such as 
  • the 5th child on the bus must stand up
  • the 3rd child on the bus must clap 7 times
  • the 4th and 10th children on the bus must swap seats

Swap Seats

Make a line of chairs for a selected group to sit 'on the bus' - e.g. 6 students.
One child is chosen to be the bus driver and stands to the side, facing away from the group.
Point to any 2 children on the bus who swap seats.
The bus driver turns around to face the group who count slowly to ten (practice counting). 
The driver must attempt to guess the 2 students who have swapped seats on the bus.
A new driver is chosen.

Place Value Bus - Extension

Seat 2 children on chairs side-by-side. They are drivers on 2 buses next to one another. One is the Tens Bus, the other the Ones Bus. If you have a board, seat the students in front and write these names on the board.

Each child holds up a different number of fingers - e.g. the Tens Bus child may hold up 5 fingers, the Ones Bus child may hold up 2 fingers. The rest of the class say the number - e.g. 52. 
Optional: have a student build the number with place value blocks in front of the bus drivers. 

In the Pond Coloring Club free library I have shared with you a free Number Bus worksheet to help your students practice writing numbers - and to color of course! 

I hope you and your learners love these ideas!