November 2021

I can't believe that November is just about here!  We focus a lot on seasonal changes, peace and kindness throughout the month.  Take a closer look at my weekly plans!

Nov. 1-5, 2021
We will be starting the new month learning about the virtue of justice.  This is always a hard one so we've prepared a couple of great books and a fun game where students can act out different scenarios.

All of the activities we will be using for religion this month (including the one above) are from my November Religion pack.

My students LOVE games so I actually tweaked my weekly schedule to include a block nearly every day (at the end of the day) to play some whole group games.  We did this last year and they also enjoyed it!
Our focus is on learning simple sight words.  We learn a handful each month through our weekly poems, literacy games and more. 
I just made this game, Find Those Acorns!  Cut out sight word acorns and place in basket.  Students reach in and choose acorn.  Read the sight word and keep the card.  But....if you get a squirrel, place all of your cards back!

This week, during Writer's Workshop, we will be doing one of my favourite lessons - labelling!
I hand students a variety of stickers (which is always a hit) and they can label any pictures they like.  Most are able to write the beginning sound they hear and some Year 2 students can try and write the whole word!
You can find this lesson (and so much more!) in my "I Can Write #1" pack.

In math we are continuing to learn about patterning.
You can read all about how I teach patterning HERE.

This week we will be learning more about what a pattern core is by exploring AB, ABC, AAB, ABB and more complex patterns.  Students will be identifying, extending and creating their own patterns.
I set up a variety of provocations for students to try on their own.

This will be set up at our light table using loose parts.
Our culminating task will be to create a variety of patterns on our own using bingo dabbers.

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