New Socrates 2.0 Now Available with Added Features & Upgrades

Do you already use Socrates to help your kids learn more about math, science, spelling, money management, and more?  We are so excited to share that a new version of Socrates -- packed with even more features to help your children learn -- is now available. Library District customers can enjoy FREE access to the Socrates Parent Center and Student Experience for their family with their library card

New Features: 

  • Upgraded and simplified user experience for students & teachers.
  • New Parent Center for parents to set up and monitor their kids' progress.
  • New English learning modules:  Sight Words, Spelling, Money Management, Spanish Sight Words, and more.
  • Access to the Socrates Youtube channel with over 1,000 learning videos.
  • New Power Bar to maximize your "earning through learning."
  • Upgrades to the bank, collectible cards, games, and more.
  • Improved learning engine allows personalized learning for each child across thousands of topics.
  • Available in English and Spanish 

Get started today by creating your free account on the new platform!

Then subscribe to the Learn with Socrates YouTube channel for even more learning tips and tricks. 


  • Millions of questions across thousands of standards.
  • Personalized learning adjusts automatically for each child.
  • Multilingual content including thousand of learning videos.


  • Earn coins through learning to spend on fun games and rewards.
  • Save and invest to learn money management.
  • Learn fun facts through collectible card packs.


  • Detailed reporting for parents and teachers.
  • Continuous real-time assessment of child's skills.
  • Lifetime learning progresses with each child.